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About Banshankari

Banashankari also abbreviated as BSK is a suburb near to south Bangalore. It got its name from the Banashankari amma temple, one of the oldest and well-known temples constructed by Subramanya Shetty in his previous years.

Considered to be the largest locality of Bangalore. It contains two well-known hills, Banagiri, housing the vari siddhi Vinayaka temple and Devagiri, housing the Venkateshwara temple. along with the Kathriguppe, it is the main commercial area of Banashankari. 

What’s with Banashankari?

Some of the fun places to find in Banashankari is Dhaatu Doll center- a fun place with museums and parks, GETOFURASS OUTDOOR travel adventure store – an entertainment spot where you can find adventure, campaigning, and river rafting.

Talk to the hand- a video games parlor, LAN Gaming

Food to have in Banashankari.

Some of the best places to eat would be The platter restaurant – an economic place with an affordable. You may find all kinds of food in Banashankari right from the south Indian famous Bisibelebath to the delicious non- veg shawarma.

Bars and restaurant's that could catch your eye

Blue wings bar and restaurants, Kadamba bar and restaurant, Jcubez, Dar- bar

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