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About Electronic City

“Welcome to the Information development and Technology Hub of Bangalore”

Electronic City commonly referred to as the Information Technology Hub of Bangalore is a home to the biggest multinational companies in the world. This locality is divided into three stages, Phase1, Phase 2, and is spread over 330 acres of land. This locality was built and established by Keonics, who was an innovator and pioneer in the field of Infrastructural development and Information Technology. Wipro, HP, Infosys, BHEL are some of the main companies located in Electronic City. This locality has over 95000 employees and investments worth 1.5lakh dollars are done on a regular basis in this area. Due to its perfect location, this locality connects several important localities, and also is a home for the market leaders in the hospitality department and also the Healthcare department.

What the elements of fun in Electronic City?

Feast on the Lip-Smacking food from Time Traveler or Barbeque Nation.

Electronic City has a collection of restaurants, who serve the rarest combination of the best mouth-watering delicacies of the world.  From world famous KFC chicken to authentic Indian delicacies, this area has it all.

If you badly in the need of a drink

Then hit Blue Coriander or Tap House Resto Bar to quench your thirst with the best collection of beer and several other drinks. Greens Bar and Freddy’s Cocktail bar are a few more of the famous destinations, where people go regularly to grab a drink.

If you’re in the mood to party

Then you have ended up in the right locality, Sky Lounge, NH7, Lounge are common Pubs where the biggest DJs in the city play on a daily basis. That makes it one of the most sought out party destinations for “Party animals”.

The amazing view of the biggest buildings in the city can get you a little bored as time passes. But like earlier mentioned this locality connects several other localities. The elevated highway which is one the least traffic prone road is commonly used by bikers to go on long trips. Weekends are commonly used by people; to explore different parts of the city and what could be a better way to do it than does it on a bike. Since Bangalore or India or that matter is a place, where people often look up to their roles models and they often try to imitate them. If Dhoni owns a Harley Davidson, his fan would obviously want to buy it to get a feel of the bike. But the sad part here is that not all of us here have the financial backing to stay in line with what our role models are riding. But with a little help from Wheelstreet you will be able to ride any bike. With the help of our rent a bike service in Bangalore, we help people take bikes on any price range on a bike rental basis. We provide bikes like a Harley Davidson on rent to a Hayabusa on rent.

Why choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike?

With over a couple of thousands of bikes and over a thousand riders around the city, we here to help people get a bike on rent at minimal competitive prices. Our two-wheeler on rent service in Bangalore, you will be able to explore the whole of Bangalore on two wheels.