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About Hebbal

“A place where all the development and excitement happens”

A locality that was initially known for its beautiful surroundings and fresh lakes, this locality is now commonly referred to as the most developed localities in the city. With excellent transportation facilities, such as Metro rail, public buses, and cars this place is now in the middle of the biggest developments in the city. This place is also close to the international airport of Bangalore, making it one of the most sought out places to live in. This place is also a famous real estate hub, with more than 65-70% of the area being occupied by giants like Mantri, Purvankara, and Prestige. The remaining % of the area is filled with big houses and bungalows. Hebbal is also commonly known for its hangout destinations and food joints. This place is also known to host the best parties and Dj nights in the city.

Must Visit Esteem Mall

Commonly referred to as one of the biggest malls in the city, Esteem mall has it all from the biggest collection clothing brands to the biggest shoe brands. KFC, Mc Donalds, and Subway are common international food joints present inside the mall. You will also be able to enjoy video games, and board games in the game stations.

Get a bite of the mouth-watering delicacies.

Feast on the tasty Tandoori chicken and shwarma roll at Tandoori Ghar and Indian chicken Biriyani. Eat the tasty vegetarian dishes at “The Vegetarians”, this place also has a number of small food joints where you will be able to get your hands on lip-smacking street food such as chats, momos, and rolls.

Drink your heart out

Visit lock N Load or Chings with a twist or urban delicacy to drink a sip of the best liquor in the locality. From beers and Scotch and from Old Monk to Whisky all the bars in this locality help you in drinking to your heart’s content.

Wanna shed some bucks on clothes and shoes?

The right place to buy the best collection of shoes and clothes is Esteem Mall. From Adidas to Lee and from TAG Heuer to Rolex, this place has the best collection of the leading brands of the world. If you have a low budget, Hebbal also has a huge collection of small shops where you can buy a large number of clothes at excitingly low prices.

However excellent or efficient the transport facility in the city is, going on a ride on a bike gives a feeling of its own. Racing through traffic signals and crossing roadblocks easily are things you can only do while on two wheels. We at Wheelstreet feel paying over lakh to ride a KTM or over 10 lakhs to ride a Harley Davidson is unnecessary. Hence we introduced the option of renting a Ktm on rent and a Harley Davidson on rent at reasonable prices.

Why choose Wheelstreet on rent?

With the help of our distributors present all over India, we have been able to rent about 4000 bikes on rent. Through the help of our bike rentals services, we have been able to provide superbikes on rent and also imported bikes on rent. Whether it is a Scooty on rent or an r15 on rent, we help to provide riders of the city with the most exciting bikes on rent in Hebbal.