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About MG Road

“Welcome to the party hub of Bangalore”

A locality which was initially built by the British during their rule has now transformed into an area where you will be able to people from all over the world. Whether it is from France, USA, Tanzania or any country for that matter, also you will find people from all over the country as well. This locality is famous for its multiple shopping destinations and party areas. You can also enjoy a ride on the metro rail that connects several localities in the city. If you are a foodie, you can get a bite of the best food in town. Whether it is European food or it is Punjabi food, this locality has the perfect mixture of all the delicacies from around the world.

What can I do when I visit MG road?

Grab a bite from the best food joints in the city

This locality has the best collection of food joints in the city, whether it is Andhra Food or European food. From Tasty KFC to Mc Donald’s, to Pizza hut, you will be able to enjoy the best European and American food. If you are a fan of tasty Andhra Food, you can visit Meghana's Food, where you can feast on the tasty and spicy Biriyani serve there.

Visit the Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore element is one of the few elements of history left in the city of Bangalore. This monument will give you a feel of ancient history and heritage of Karnataka in one look. When you venture inside the Palace, you will get a see and read about the lifestyle of the kings and Queens. You will also be able to witness the beautiful architecture of the Palace.

Enjoy the breeze and witness the sight of the best flowers

Cuban Park is one the most sought out tourist spots in MG road; this botanical garden has the highest collection of flowers in the whole of India. Whether it is orchids, daisies, sunflowers or roses, this place has the largest collection of all.

Enjoy a drink and park hard

The several bars and pubs in the city will help you in grabbing a drink and dancing away through the night. WYTS, Tinga Tinga Bar, Socials, and Sky Bar are some of the well-known bars present in the city.

The only biggest disadvantage of this place is that it is always covered in traffic and road blocks. Whether it is 7 in the evening or 12 in the morning, this place is always filled with the traffic throughout the day. Due to unbearable traffic problems, people have now started increasing the use the use of bikes. We at Wheelstreet feel we should be a part of this drive, hence though our rent a bike service we are helping people live their dream of riding a bike.

Why choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike?

Through the help of our 4000 bikes and multiple distributors, we have been able to provide even superbikes on rent and also imported bikes on rent. From a Hayabusa on rent to a scooty on rent, we strive to provide you all. With the help of our bike rentals services, we aim to provide the several bikes on rent Bangalore.