10 Beautiful Countries Around The World That Let You Drive With An Indian License

Enroute Monaco, France. Image Source :

As freeing and empowering as driving a car or riding a bike is, there are still a few rules and regulations that every hopeful driver/rider must follow. And one of these rules is getting a driver’s license. I know it seems mundane to talk about the process of getting your driver’s license in India and that’s why in this article I am going to list out the countries in the world where, having a valid Indian driver’s license can lead to you getting a chance to drive/ride legally. So let’s get to it,

1. The United States Of America

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA. Image Source :

With a valid Indian license you can drive around the US for a year. If your license is not in English then an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a copy of the I-94 form (A form that indicates the date you entered the US) are needed.

2. Germany

Autobahn, Meerbusch, Germany. Image Source :

You can drive around Germany for six months with a valid Indian license. The requirement of an IDP isn’t specified in the law but having the documentation with the translations will surely help with the local authorities. If not an IDP, you can get the necessary translations at the embassy and enjoy driving on the Autobahns (federally controlled-access highways).

3. France

Enroute Monaco, France.
Image Source :

Have you always felt like driving past the Eiffel tower in Paris? Well, if you have a valid Indian license, you can! The French government allows drivers with Indian licenses to drive for a year but a French translation of the license is mandatory.

4. Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Image Source : Instagram @cumacevikphoto

Drive around the picturesque country full of beautiful snow capped mountains and turquoise lakes without any significant hassle. Switzerland allows drivers with a valid Indian license to drive on its roads for a year but the license should be in English, if it isn’t, an English translation copy is required.

5. Norway

Atlantic Road, Norway. Image Source :

One of the best countries in the world to drive around in, the land of the Northern Lights offers drivers with a valid Indian license a period of 3 months to experience the most life-changing road trip they will ever take.

6. Mauritius

Baie du Cap, Mauritius
Image Source :

A small but beautiful island nation, the entirety of Mauritius can be covered within a day’s drive. A driver with a valid Indian license can rent a car in Mauritius with relative ease.

7. Australia

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.
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New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory allow a driver with an Indian license drive around for a period of 3 months. Carrying an IDP along with your license is mandatory in Australia.

8. South Africa

Chapman’s Peak drive, Cape town, South Africa.
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To drive around in South Africa all you need is a valid Indian license which is in English and an IDP. Without an IDP the vehicle hiring companies could cause a problem.

9. The United Kingdom

A591 road, Cumbria, England.
Image Source :

With an Indian license, you can drive around the entirety of the United Kingdom for a year. An IDP is required for a smoother transition with the authorities and you can only rent a class of vehicle that is permitted to your license.

10. New Zealand

Way to Mount Cook, Canterbury, New Zealand.
Image Source :

You can only driver around in New Zealand if you have a valid Indian license in the English language and only if you are 21 and above. And if your license is not in English you will need to get it translated and approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

And there you have it, the list of places around the world that will let you drive with an Indian license.

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