10 places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon for Bangalore tourists

Places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon for riders, trippers and tourists

The monsoon season is a wonderful time. Getting to relax at home with a cup of hot tea and hearing the rain lashing the windows instils a sort of peace and calm that can’t be experienced too often. And there’s only one thing that can make this experience better – a holiday in paradise such as places to visit in Kerala.

Known as ‘God’s own country’ and recently declared to be one among the ten tourist paradises of the world, Kerala is a place with an abundance of greenery and natural beauty. While it’s undoubtedly beautiful throughout the year, Kerala gains an alluring charm during the monsoons as the rains heighten the sense of serenity by enveloping the lush green forests and myriad lakes and back-waters in their downpour. So if you’re planning to relax and enjoy the rains this year, you might as well do it in Kerala because, trust me, the monsoons don’t get much better than they do here. Here are the 10 best tourist places to visit in Kerala during the monsoons:

Kerala – The Paradise of South with full of natures beauty, beaches, water falls and hill stations –


Kovalam Beach - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Kovalam is a quiet coastal town that is a vast expanse of greenery bordered by innumerable coconut trees. It’s home to the famous Kovalam Beach which is regarded as one of the best beaches in Kerala. While it may seem counter-intuitive to visit a beach during the rainy season, it’s a brilliant experience at Kovalam. You can relax in peace at the secluded beach enjoying freshly prepared local delicacies and rejuvenating yourself with Ayurvedic treatments. Also, if you’re an adventurous person, you can try your hand at surfing as Kovalam beach is one of the only surfing destinations in India.

Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Alleppey - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Alappuzha, more popularly known as Alleppey, is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters and is regarded as the best place for tourists to relax on a houseboat in Kerala. The town is also home to a vast network of waterways filled with canoes and floating shops which have accorded it the nickname – ‘Venice of the East’. Simply rent a houseboat and float along and gaze over paddy fields of succulent green, curvaceous rice barges and village life along the banks. This is one of Kerala’s most mesmerisingly beautiful and relaxing experiences.


Athirapally Falls - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Home to the majestic Athirapally Falls, this this scenic village is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. The lush greenery and soothing quietude is just perfect for an ideal monsoon break. If you’re from a hectic city like Bangalore, staying in this peaceful town will be the perfect rejuvenation for your mind.


Ashtamudi - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

This quaint little town offers travellers an excellent monsoon getaway. Not as popular as other Kerala destinations, and hence not overrun by tourists, Ashtamudi is famous for its lovely homestays and houseboats. Enjoy a lazy vacation where you do nothing but watch the pitter-patter of the rain, eat fresh catch and pamper yourself with soothing Ayurvedic massages.


Munnar - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Home to seemingly endless tea estates, Munnar is a lush green paradise who’s beauty is magnified under the ocver of rain. With a number of nearby attractions, this hill resort is an ideal place to experience the magic of monsoon at its best. You can walk through mist-covered tea estates or visit the Athukad Falls which turning into a roaring cascade during peak monsoon season (July-August).


Wayanad Chembra Peak - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Wayanad is the least populated district in Kerala and is situated in the Western Ghats at the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau. It is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Kerala, and the beauty of Wayanad is magnified tenfold during the monsoon. The undulating hills and glimmering lakes are a sight that’s almost surreal in nature. Be sure to visit the Chembra Peak which, at a height of 2,100 metres, offers a mesmerising view that is exaggerated under the cover of rain


Kumarakom - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

If you prefer to spend your holiday’s lazing around and be treating like a king/queen, then Kumarakom is the ideal destination for you. Often called “One of the paradises on Earth”, Kumarakom has luxurious houseboats and stunning luxury resorts by Lake Vembanad. Most of the resorts make excellent use of the Vembanad or its canals, revel in Kerala heritage furnishings and offer great Kerala Ayurvedic treatments. And to the delight of visitors, they also have some great monsoon packages. They also take you on activities like watching traditional boat-building, cycling around nearby plantations, visiting the bird sanctuary! Houseboat stays, boat rides and sunset cruises are a must when you are here during the monsoons.


Idukki - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Though it became famous for its ‘Gold’, Idukki is also an excellent tourist destination and is home to a stunning dam, numerous waterfalls and never-ending greenery. You can see the dam filled to the brim and all the waterfalls in full flow during the monsoons. Idukki also happens to be the centre point to a number of sanctuaries and wildlife reserves which are worth a visit.


Thekkady - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

Another gem in the crown of Kerala, Thekkady is home to the famous Periyar National Park. Tropical evergreen and deciduous forests, bamboos, reed banks and savannahs spread over the 777 sq km of hills, valleys, plains and waterlogged areas that make up the reserve. And all this looks picture perfect during the monsoons and you can indulge in various activities such as Bamboo Rafting and Jungle Night Patrol here.


Varkala - Best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon

A famous seaside destination, Varkala greets you with a ragged line of rich red cliffs which are a stunning contrast to the green coconut palms and thus form an interesting scenic backdrop. The place offers all the pleasures of the more famous Kovalam, sans the crowds and hawkers. It is also fringed by serene backwaters, natural springs and beaches which look all the more beautiful during the monsoons.

Since there are not too many Bangalore tourist places that are particularly worth visiting when its raining, you should definitely travel to the places to visit in Kerala during these monsoons and revel in natural beauty at its best.

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