10 biker groups in Bangalore everyone wants to ride with

Bikers have a passion for riding that is almost impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves. That explains why biker groups are steadily growing in numbers and popularity all over the country, and a bike-crazy city like Bangalore has more than its fare share of biker groups that cover all possible demographics of riders.

Here are the 10 most popular biker groups in Bangalore that every biker wants to be a part of.

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1. Bangalore Motorcycle Club (BMC)

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This rider group is impartial to both the bikers as well as their bikes. All riders with bikes over 150 cc are welcome to join this group that places safety and rider awareness along with the love for riding on top of their priority list. Besides going on frequent road trips all over the country, BMC also helps in raising funds for various NGOs in the city.

2. Hop on Gurls

Hop on Gurls
img source: telegraphindia

This group is one only for girls who have a passion for Royal Enfields. Apart from frequent group rides and road trips, these ladies also help others with information on how to ride and control these big, beautiful bikes. They also do their bit for society by organising blood donation camps, charity rides and so on.

3. Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club

Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club - biker groups in Bangalore
img source: thehindu

BJYMC was started in 2007 by 4 Yezdi enthusiasts to bring back the memories of the 80s and 90s when these bikes could be seen roaring around the streets of Bangalore. In the age that’s all about speed and looks, its nice to have a group that cares more for the riding experience and memories associated with the bikes instead. If you happen to own a Yezdi, join BJYMC for the history and stories that many of the members have to tell.

4. The Odd Bunch

The Odd Bunch biker group
img source: facebook

As the name suggests, they aren’t to particular about the bike that you ride. That being said, this group was originally started to celebrate the members’ love for superbikes. You’ll find many high-end bikes like the Ducati Monster, Honda CB 1000R and Hayabusa lined up next to Royal Enfields and KTMs when this self-proclaimed ‘coolest biking group in the universe’ is out for a ride.

5. Roaring Pistons

Roaring Pistons - biker groups in Bangalore
img souce: facebook

When KTM launched the Duke 200 in India, they sparked off a craze that was completely unprecedented in the motorcycle community. The Duke 200 became one of the most popular bikes amongst the country’s youth and the Roaring Pistons in Bangalore is a group that celebrates the passion for the naked sportsbike. With an ever-expanding member base of 200+ riders, this group now accepts all KTM riders and is always up for road trips and meets that are sure to be a lot of fun.

6. Naked Wolves

Naked Wolves biker group
img source: facebook

Formed in the August of 2012, this group unites its member bikers over their common love for the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. They like to go on frequent road trips and getaways from Bangalore and are always welcoming to fellow 200 NS enthusiasts.

7. India Bull Riders

India Bull Riders biker group
img source: indiaonline

Formed originally in Delhi, this Royal Enfield only club has gained popularity across the country. The Bangalore chapter of the India Bull Riders united bikers over their common love for Royal Enfields and they love to go on long expedition tours that are synonymous with their bikes. They also actively promote social responsibility by donating to and affiliating with various NGOs throughout India.

8. The Highway Knights

The Highway Knights biker group
img source: polkacafe

The idea for this club was formed when 2 guys, Shashank Manae and Abhilash KJ, were out for a ride on their Enfields. They realised that most biker groups catered to middle-aged men, so why not start a club for youngsters? Thus, The Highway Knights were born.

9. Bangalore Pandhis

Bangalore Pandhis - biker groups in Bangalore
img source: autoevolution

A group that is exclusively for Harley-Davidson owners, the Bangalore Pandhis were formed in 2010 by Venkatesh Rammohan and six other members. This group has grown steadily over the years and it boasts of a number of female riders among their members.

10.  6000 miles to the Isle of Man

6000 miles to the Isle of Man - biker groups in Bangalore
img source: lbb

This is an exclusive group with only the most die-hard bike racing enthusiasts as members. They have their own lounge where they host live screenings of Moto GP races and they are always up for meet-ups, short getaways and long trips to Kerala, Ladakh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. They also organise DIY workshops as well their very own racing academy that teaches you how to blast your bike around the track with precision and aplomb.

These groups organise meets quite often and you can ride with some of them without having to be a member. So if you feel like getting into the true spirit of biking and need a ride to do so, rent a bike of your choice at affordable rates from Wheelstreet and try riding in a group for yourself.

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