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10 Must Try Indian Restaurants If You’re Traveling To Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a bustling metropolis that is self sufficient and self sustaining. From the vibrant street life to the peaceful spiritual side of the city, travelling in Bangkok is an adventure. One of the other things that makes travelling to Bangkok an adventure is the fact that it takes your palette on an adventure as well. With restaurants serving cuisines like Thai, European and American, Bangkok is a treasure trove for curious foodies. That being said, here’s a list of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok,

– Mrs. Balbir’s Restaurant


With over 43 years of experience in serving mouth-watering Indian dishes to its customers, Mrs. Balbir’s is the go-to place to have Indian dishes. The homely touch that the chefs give the food that is served makes Mrs. Balbir’s a favorite among regular and travelling customers.

– Gaggan Restaurant

The restaurant that put Indian restaurants on the culinary map of Bangkok, Gaggan restaurant offers its diners an award-winning and state of the art experience with its sophisticated decor and masterfully created dishes in Thai and Indian cuisines.

– Rang Mahal

The definition of fine dining, Rang Mahal offers the experience of tasting Indian dishes that will transport your mind to another world with a beautiful view of the sprawling city.

– Maya Restaurant

If you’re looking to visit a skybar in Bangkok, then Maya restaurant is just the place for you. With chic interiors, outdoor seating and a 29th floor location, the restaurant offers its diners a futuristic feel.

– The Great Kabab Factory

If Mughlai cuisine is a kingdom then the Kebab would be its king, the Great Kabab Factory offers just that. The vibrant atmosphere, the lip tingling kebabs that will color your palette with Indian colors and a drink to go with it gives this restaurant, its rightful place on this list.

– Charcoal Tandoor Grill and Mixology


Voted as one of the finest Indian restaurants in Bangkok, Charcoal is the place to be if you want to be transported back to India. With a mastery in creating dishes in the Indian and Mughlai cuisines, Charcoal also offers its diner an opportunity to have a meal inside a rustic wooden decor in a posh Thai locale.

– Indus Restaurant


A place that takes its diner back in time to the Mughlai era of India, Indus restaurant offers high-class food in the Mughlai cuisine with a slight tinge of the Nawabi culture of Lucknow. The contemporary decor of the restaurant also plays a role in getting this restaurant a spot on this list.

– Punjab Grill

Asia Bars

The vision of the owners of this restaurant was to serve its diners some of the best North Indian dishes that they have ever tasted, and they have achieved that, and more. The food and the experience at the Punjab Grill have an inexplicable flow that will make your visit to the restaurant, an unforgettable one.

– Bawarchi Restaurant

One of the busiest restaurants in Bangkok, the Bawarchi restaurant has 20 years of experience in serving its diners with mouth-watering creations in the Indian cuisine. And this fact will become quite evident as soon as you walk in through the doors.

– Dosa King Restaurant


Capitalizing on the lightness and fast prep time to create dishes in the South Indian cuisine, the Dosa King Restaurant is all about eating as much as you can and going home with a tummy full of good food and a head full of memorable experiences.

And there it is, a list of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok. As you may have noticed, some of these places are relatively farther away from each other, and with the traffic in Bangkok, getting to them all seems like an arduous task. Don’t fret! Just visit Wheelstreet Bike Rentals, rent your favorite bikes and cut through the traffic before you cut through the food, in the best restaurants in Bangkok.

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