12 pics to prove Indian bikers are the ultimate kings of jugaad

‘If it looks stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.’

Indians are famous for their unique and out-of-the-box innovations, better known as jugaad. From inventing new ways of cooking, assembling PCs or even repurposing air conditioners, we are the foremost country when it comes to whacky but surprisingly useful innovations. And there is no shortage of jugaad when it comes to Indian bikes either. Here is a compilation of the best and craziest jugaad bikes that we could find.

No petrol tank? No problem!

source: motoroids.com

Not having a petrol tank would normally make your bike redundant. But not for this guy who used a common plastic bottle as a replacement. Atleast this way he can easily get the exact mileage per litre.

The king of modified bikes

source: teambhp.com

Who needs those expensive professional bike modifiers when you have this guy? Whoever did this managed to combine a Splendor, Karizma and Pulsar (and maybe more) to make a bike that will surely attract everyones attention.

The ultimate solution for Indian Monsoons

source: esfun.com

The monsoon season is usually hell for people with 2 wheelers. Not for this guy though who managed to invent a pedal-powered, floating bicycle to tackle even the heaviest of floods.

 The farmer’s Bullet

source: motoroids.com

Royal Enfield is the most popular choice for bikers in India, especially those who are into long distance tours. But what if you spend most of your time ploughing the farm fields? Then you come with this Bullet-Tractor hybrid so that you can still get the farm work done and look cool while doing so.

The craziest Pulsar modification

source: scoopwhoop.com

You transport water tanks for a living but can’t afford to buy a truck? Just do what this genius did and convert your 2 wheeled Pulsar into a full-fledged 3-wheeled transport vehicle.

Can’t afford a loud exhaust? Just use a Bhopu!

source: indiafunnypics.com

Not every biker can afford those loud aftermarket exhausts that announce your arrival from a kilometre away. The less financially gifted can opt for this megaphone (bhopu) atachment instead which will definitely get you attention from its looks if not the sound.

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