12 pics to prove Indian bikers are the ultimate kings of jugaad

When you have a bike but want to shift gears like a car

source: motoroids.com

What do you do if you’re a Fast and the Furious fan but you have a bike? Simple, attach a car’s gear lever on your bike and you shift gears like Vin Diesel as you roam the streets like a badass. Don’t ask us how he manages the clutch and the shifter with one hand though.

When the weather’s just too hot

source: xbhp.com

When the weather is too hot, the hot wind blowing on your face as you ride your bike can be a nightmare. This innovator has managed to incorporate a shade and a couple of fans to stay cool and look cool as well while riding in the summer.

When the horn isn’t working, use a cycle bell!

source: rajnikanthvscidjokes.com

While motorists from other countries rarely use it, the horn is the most overused feature in every Indian vehicle. So what do you do when your bike’s horn is broken? Attach a cycle bell and hope that everyone else on the road can see you coming  because they sure as hell won’t hear that thing.

 When you want a car but can only afford a bike

source: funonthenet.com

Riding a bike leaves you exposed to the elements the wind, sun and rain but not everyone can afford to buy a car. That’s when you come with this work of genius – attach an auto rickshaw’s roof (complete with windscreen) on your bike and you’re good to go.

 A bike that can carry more people than a car

source: motorival.com

Motorcycles are meant to seat two people. We usually manage to fit three or sometimes even four on our bikes. But this man manages to transport six persons besides himself with some brilliant engineering. That contraption must be a nightmare to balance though!

Sitting on the pillion seat is too mainstream

source: motoroids.com

I’ve always thought it was unfair to make small kids stand in that small gap between the handle and seats in scooters. Thankfully this women is considerate enough to provide her child with a seat.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t take any sharp corners though.


We hope you like this compilation of the best and craziest jugaad bikes that exist in India. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below and we’ll come with more entertaining articles for you. Happy riding!

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