3 amazing helmets for bikers of the future

Until now, the only innovation we saw in bike helmets was in terms of design and improved durability and strength. But technological advancements seem to be advancing at a ridiculously fast pace these days and it was inevitable that the modest bike helmet would receive some much needed tech-upgrades. Now we’re on the verge of witnessing a huge change in the biking industry and these 3 amazing helmets are the front-runners in what is soon going to be a large-scale revolution:


Reevu motorcycle helmet
img source: gizmag

You don’t need to be the wittiest guy around to catch on to this one, the name practically gives the purpose of this innovation away. Regardless, it’s still a pretty awesome head piece to own. The idea of an effective rear-view mirror doesn’t really translate well onto a bike. Even with the two side mirrors, bikers are still plagued the need to look over their shoulders in order to get a decent idea of what’s behind them. This is where Reevu comes in. The helmet grants its wearer a clear visual of what’s going on behind them, but without the use of a camera. In essence, much to my own astonishment, Reevu simply manipulates light around the shell of the helmet to produce a live and clear rear-view image on its Heads-up Display. It was designed with safety in mind and seems ensure just that in the coolest possible way.

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Take a look:

Skully AR-1

Skully AR1 Helmet
img source: crunchwear

What is the ultimate upgrade to your helmet collection? The Skully AR-1, of course. Never mind the fact that it’s equipped with Bluetooth speakers that allow you to rock out to your favorite jams whether you’re roaring down the highway or zipping through traffic. This amazing head piece has a transparent Heads-Up Display (HUD) that offers you two additional abilities while you ride: live blind spot and hindsight granted by a built-in wide-angle rear view camera, and GPS navigation to ensure that you never lose your way. All this can be viewed and utilized in an effortless and non-distracting fashion, ensuring your safety isn’t hindered on your journey.

Check it out:

LIVEMAP – A voice-controlled GPS- and HUD-equipped helmet

Livemap helmet
img source: crunchwear

Yes, read that again as many times as you want. It’s true. Livemap does away with old hand-held GPSs,  provides helmet-mounted displays and, when it comes to control, Livemap understands that there’s no better device than the sound of your own voice. It is possibly the coolest and most effective helmet you’ll ever get your hands on.

Check it out:

What cool feature would you like to see featured in bike helmets in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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