It’s about the journey, not the destination. The best bikes for long road trips

Being able to go on long road trips is one of the biggest advantages of being a biker. Road trips are a great way to escape from the monotony of weekly routines and rejuvenate yourself. The destination isn’t even important; You just need the best roads and an even better bike. So here are the 5 best bikes for road trips in India which are sure to put a smile on your face:

1) Royal Enfield Thunderbird

5 best bikes for road trips in India
img source: motorbeam

The quintessential Indian cruiser, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird (whether it’s the 350 or 500) is one of the most popular bikes for long road trips and for good reason. It is extremely comfortable, has a large fuel tank and even though it’s not fast, it just makes you feel like a boss when you’re astride it. (Rent and ride the Royal Enfield Thunderbird with Wheelstreet)

2) Bajaj Avenger Street

5 best bikes for road trips in India
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The Avenger has always come across the poor man’s Royal Enfield but the new Street variant is just fantastic. The Avenger Street looks refreshingly good, and it really should seeing as it has taken several (if not all) design cues from the Harley-Davidson Street 750 (they even copied the name). But ignoring that, it comes in variants with 150 cc and 220 cc engines and is ridiculously comfortable apart from having decent fuel economy and performance figures. (Rent and ride the Bajaj Avenger Street with Wheelstreet)

3) Honda CBR 250R

5 best bikes for road trips in India
img source: freebikereviews

If you’re not one for cruiser bikes and would prefer something faster which can tackle the curves of hill stations, then look no further than the Honda CBR 250R. It’s fast, has excellent handling and is unbelievably comfortable for a sports bike. This sports tourer’s engine also happens to be refined enough to handle long stretches at speeds of 100km/hr+ without undergoing any strain. (Rent and ride the Honda CBR 250R with Wheelstreet)

4) Harley-Davidson SuperLow

5 best bikes for road trips in India
img source: motoroids

Comfort, class and cruising. If you want the perfect blend of these attributes, the Harley-Davidson SuperLow is your best bet. The SuperLow is fitted with a 883 cc engine that more power and torque than you’ll ever use. But that isn’t the real reason to go for this bike though; A smooth ride, comfortable cruising position and easy handling which make for the purest of cruising experiences is what makes the SuperLow one of the best bike for road trips. (Rent and ride the Harley-Davidson SuperLow with Wheelstreet)

5) Kawasaki Ninja 650R

5 best bikes for road trips in India
img source: motorcycleusa

Another Japanese sports tourer makes the list and this time it’s Kawasaki’s electric green Ninja 650R. It takes a special bit of talent to make a middleweight sports bike capable of exceeding 200 kmph a comfortable tourer, but Kawasaki did exactly that with the Ninja 650R. A windscreen and wide fairing prevent high speed wind-blasts and improve handling at high speeds while the upright riding position and cushy seats ensure rider and pillion comfort for the longest of rides. (Rent and ride the Kawasaki Ninja 650R with Wheelstreet)

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