5 best modified Yamaha RX 100 bikes

The 2-stroke Yamaha RX series are a legend in India and have amassed a massive fan club that surpasses even the one of their big brother – the RD 350. The RX bikes – RX 100, RX 135 and RX-Z, have a simplistic design and has been around for a couple of decades due to which there is absolutely no shortage of modified RX bikes which were customised by their owners and custom builders to stand apart from the rest. Here we bring you the 5 best and most uniquely modified Yamaha RX 100 and 135 bikes:

1) Yamaha RX 100 Scrambler

5 best modified Yamaha RX 100 bikes
img source: Eshaan Girii (Flickr)

A rich tri-colour paint job based on the Italian flag, single seat for two, deep-red monoshock rear suspension, a raised front guard in the same red and a lot more make this Scrambler one of the most beautiful Yamaha RX 100 you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

2) Yamaha RX 135 Cafe Racer by Iron Soul Machines

5 best modified Yamaha RX 100 bikes
img source: Iron Soul Machines (facebook)

Iron Soul Machines is a custom builder outfit based in Punjab. This particular bike is called the Pardus and it’s a Yamaha RX 135 modified to look like a cafe racer. With a single-seat, clip-on handlebars and a dual-tone matt black and orange paint job, it certainly looks the part.

3) Yamaha RX 100 Dirt Tracker by RTM

5 best modified Yamaha RX 100 bikes
img source: indiancarsandbikes

RTM has worked wonders on the Yamaha RX 100 to produce this Dirt Tracker. It has a very simplistic design that simply oozes rustic charm. The bike also comes with knobby tyres, a single seat and a headlamp guard that make it a blast to go off-roading on.

4) Yamaha RX 135 Cafe Racer by Bull City Customs

5 best modified Yamaha RX 100 bikes
img source: pipeburn

Bull City Customs are one of the most famous custom builders in India and they are based out of Delhi. Their RX 135 Cafe Racer looks absolutely stellar and has a unique, unfinished look to it. With massive tyres, a yellow headlamp and a minimal scraped-metal body, this bike could easily be used in the next Mad Max movie.

5) Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer by Ironic Engineering

5 best modified Yamaha RX 100 bikes
img source: facebook

Ironic Engineering from Hyderabad has done a fantastic job of converting the Yamaha RX 100 into a cafe racer that barely resembles the original bike. A lovely silver and red paint job, low set clip-ons, single racer seat, side fairings and rubber suspensions all make it look like a bike that was made for the racetrack.

Which one of these modified Yamaha RX bikes do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure get you more articles like these.

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