5 jaw-dropping custom Harley-Davidsons

Harley-Davidson has been America’s motorcycling icon for over half a century now, and its popularity around the globe just keeps on increasing. Custom builders and modifiers form a major sub-culture of this iconic marque which ensures at least a dozen custom builds of every Harley to roll out of the brand’s garages. While the production models get their fair-share of limelight by being featured in a lot of popular Hollywood movies and TV shows, their custom variants are not so lucky in terms of the exposure they receive. So, for your consideration, here are the 5 best and most amazing custom Harley-Davidsons:

 1) Hollywood by DP Customs

5 jaw-dropping custom Harley-Davidsons
DP Customs ‘Hollywood’

With a beautiful red, black and gold colour scheme, clip-on handlebars and a motorsport look, DP Customs have transformed a Harley-Davidson XL1200 sportster into a truly Hollywood-esque machine. The Hollywood doesn’t scream for attention but it demands it nonetheless. Fitted with a bunch of after-market parts from Brembo, Bitwell and Burly Brand, this bike is not just a show-piece but can be ridden fast and hard while looking absolutely gorgeous.

2) Ironhead by Hazan Motorworks

5 jaw-dropping custom Harley-Davidsons
Hazan Motorworks ‘Ironhead’

The works of Maxwell Hazan offer us an insight to a mechanic’s take on modern art. Each part of the bike, except for the engine, is hand-built and is a piece of art in its own right. As a result, the final product looks nothing like the original at all. The Ironhead  is his bare-minimalist version of what a Harley can look like. With its spoke wheels, barely-there body and a monochrome silver colour scheme, it certainly doesn’t look like any other Harley-Davidson to have ever hit the road.

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3) Bat Bike by Shaw Speed & Custom

5 jaw-dropping custom Harley-Davidsons
Shaw Speed & Custom ‘Bat Bike’

A customer told Shaw S&C that he wants ” A bike that represents Batman meets Bond”, and hence the Bat Bike was born. Based on a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle, this menacing custom build exudes pure class and power. It features a tailor made exhaust system, new front headers and carbon fibre rear sections (all in black of course), and a rear wheel that looks like it is was lifted straight from the ‘Batpod’.

4) Technics Sporty by Roland Sands Designs

5 jaw-dropping custom Harley-Davidsons
Roland Sands ‘Technics Sporty’

When one of the world’s best builders is commissioned to make a custom Harley for a DJ equipment maker you don’t really know what to expect but you can be assured that its going to be something never seen before. And Roland Sands have surely delivered in that regard. They took a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 and turned it into a homage for Technics by drawing inspiration from their headphones and turntables (one look at the wheels and you’ll see what I’m on about).  The result is a gorgeous black-themed cafe racer which is completely unrecognisable as a Harley.

5) Urban Cavalry by Rough Crafts

5 jaw-dropping custom Harley-Davidsons
Rough Crafts ‘Urban Cavalry’

The Urban Cavalry is a vision of what a brilliant custom Harley with improved performance looks like. This particular build was officially commissioned by the H-D guys in Taiwan and they urged Rough Crafts to do whatever they pleased with a new Harley-Davidson Dyna. The result was a brilliant street-tracker with an equal focus on design and engineering. As there was no shortage of power, the main focus was on lightweight components, improved handling (achieved with Kawasaki upside-down forks) and a new exhaust. The ‘Titanium Rainbow’ 2-in-1 exhaust is absolutely brilliant and contrasts perfectly with the matt finish all-black look of the Urban Cavalry. 

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So this is our take on the best custom Harley-Davidsons from around the globe. Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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