5 Kickass Renting Platforms That You Should Know

There was a time when we saved up for a month, sometimes years to buy that DSLR, that bike, that bed, that washing machine, that dress, that house, that car all by ourselves.

The joy of saving so much after curbing every single craving and impulse, was however, short-lived because you would have to drain all that money to buy and possess that item you wanted.

It was bittersweet because yes, you were buying something you liked, but it also meant you could ‘possess’ other thing you like too.

But hey, this is the 21st century and 2019 is the coolest year to enjoy the luxuries you have only dreamt of!

How you ask?


Did you know you can rent ANYTHING now?

Yup, so be it that fancy ass furniture you have your eye on, or that car you want to drive for some time, or that expensive phone or laptop, or, for that matter, you want to rent a boyfriend to take home to your parents so that they stop badgering you about dying alone with your pets. (Legit stuff- China and Japan have such boyfriend renting platforms)

Coming to India, here’s a list of 5 kickass renting platforms that you should know and have their apps downloaded on your phone

1. RentMojo: Furniture and Appliance available for rent is just a click away! Convert the four walls you call a house into a warm, thriving, beautiful home at one-tenth the cost of buying furniture!

2. ZOLO: Kick away shady home rent brokers and mad security demands. Use ZOLO to find broker free PGs, flats and houses, today!

3. Cashify: Change your phone every year, naah… now change it according to your whim at one-tenth the cost! Logo on to cashify and rent mobile phones and other gadgets anytime

4. WheelStreet: Never let money be the reason why you can’t drive the bike of your dreams! Now choose from a huge variety of world class exclusive bikes to rent and drive down anywhere in style! The most trusted bike rental company in India, WheelStreet gets you the best deals in bike renting every day!

5. Flyrobe: Don’t waste money on buying a super chic, designer-stamped dress that you’re not sure if you’ll wear again ( How can you? You can’t be accused of repeating the outfit on social media pictures, no? ) Rent dresses and much more from Flyrobe

There are SO many renting platforms available to make your life easier and not burn a hole in your pocket.

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