5 Lesser Known Apps For The Solo Travelers Hidden Inside Us All

Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

In this age of vertigo inducing schedules and vicious deadline cycles, travelling has become one of the most potent cures. But then again, travelling has always been a favorite escape from routine for working professionals and everyone else. Now travelling with a group with a set itinerary is fun and a great escape from our hum drum everyday lives but travelling solo is something on another level. To be able to change your plans on a dime, to explore places that you want to explore without the consent of travelling companions and last but not least, that feeling of finding your own way in the world makes travelling solo a truly life-changing experience. Travelling alone can get a little overwhelming at times though, and that’s where the apps that we’re going to talk about come in, after all, travelling alone doesn’t have to mean that we’re constantly lost and worried about our surroundings. That being said, here’s a list of apps that can make travelling solo a lot easier.

1. Highway Delite

Source : MyTalktime.in

This app is a pioneer of sorts, being the first Indian app designed for riders across the country, with a list of verified highway routes to popular destinations (a list to which new routes are being added to), the app gives travelers on a road trip info on everything that they would need. Restaurants/ dhabas, hotels/ lodges, fuel stations/petrol pump, toilets / wash-rooms, mechanics, emergency numbers, accident zones, places to visit, pharma, medical facilities & toll gates are marked along the provided highway route, making the road trip safe and fun even if you’re going solo (especially if you’re going solo).

2. Airbnb

Source : AirbnbSecrets

This app needs no introduction, but for all of you who don’t know what Airbnb is, here goes… Airbnb is a hosting platform where hosts share their space with travelers in need of accommodation, pretty straightforward right? Well it is! And seeing as Airbnb has hosts in 190 countries and more than 34,000 cities, it’s safe to say that no matter where you plan on going for a solo trip, you’ll find an Airbnb accommodation and that, is exactly why the app has made its place on this list.

3. Tripit

Source : earthXplorer

The concept behind the working of this app is an interesting one, Tripit is a travel plan organizing app. You basically send emails to the app enlisting your travel plans and it gets back to you after creating a perfect itinerary for you to follow as a solo traveler. If and when your plans change from before, just send the app an email and it’ll come up with a revised itinerary after taking into account, the revisions in your travelling plans. The addition of offline mode makes using Tripit even in places with bad or no connection possible, which in turn, makes taking a solo trip without constant technical hiccups possible.

4. Guides by Lonely Planet

Source : Lonely Planet

Experience a city like never before, this app helps travelers to get to places of interest in a city by sending the user info on the must visit places in the city. Their essential tips and advice on where to stay, what to do and where to eat will help you discover amazing, off-the-beaten-track places. The Guides app also includes offline maps, audio phrasebooks so that language never becomes a barrier and a currency converter in case you decide to go someplace where you don’t speak the language.

5. Hostel World

Source : Hostelworld

This app was recently featured in Huffington Post’s round up of the best travel apps. Available in 170 countries, Hostel World lets you choose and compare over 35,000 hostels, hotels and B&Bs, which is a lot if I could say so myself. The thing that makes this app one of the best travel apps on the web right now is the fact that it gives its users a 100% booking guarantee, I know! crazy right? Well, what’s crazier is the fact that Hostel World is so confident in its service that if your booking can’t be found at check-in, they credit your account with your full deposit and an additional $50 towards future bookings. Over 9 million customer reviews makes the process of choosing your hotel as easy as it can get, this, combined with all the other aforementioned reasons makes Hostel World a great traveling app for solo travelers.

So that’s it, the list of apps every solo traveler needs. To all of you who are thinking of taking a solo trip, DO IT!

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