5 Lesser Known Hill-Stations Near Delhi To Purify Yourself

There are plenty of hill stations around Delhi that you can visit but since everyone has the same idea, you’ll find yourself amidst crowds of people and you’ll never find the peace that is expected of any good holiday. So we bring you some great hill stations near Delhi that are as amazing as any other. So ditch the regular places and visit these 5 lesser known hill stations near Delhi:

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1) Chopta, Uttarakhand

Distance from Delhi: 404 km

5 lesser known hill stations near Delhi to visit this summer
img source: adventureactivities

Chopta is a beautiful town located in the lap of the Uttarakhand Himalayas which offers views of the imposing Himalayan range including Trishul, Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba. It is replete with meadows and evergreen forests and also serves as the base for treks to Tungnath and Chandrashila.

2) Tirthan Valley (Kullu District), Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: 511 km

5 lesser known hill stations near Delhi to visit this summer
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Tirthan Valley is not just hill station near Delhi, but one of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful places in the whole of Himachal which is saying a lot. Visit this place and you’ll find yourself transported to a different world entirely and it’s not one that you’ll ever want to leave.

3) Tosh (Parvati Valley), Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: 515 km

5 lesser known hill stations near Delhi to visit this summer

If you’d rather be a traveller and not a mere tourist, then ditch Manali and head over to the lesser-known Tosh. The journey to reach this hidden village is arduous and will need you to walk uphill on steep slopes and non-existant paths. Once you make it though, you see the snow-capped Himalayas and the river Parvati curving its way through the valley and all exhaustion is forgotten. You’ll get to stay in a place cut-off from the modern world and there’s something really amazing about that.

4) Kangojodi (Sirmour District), Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: 275 km

5 lesser known hill stations near Delhi to visit this summer
img source: alibabaguides

Kangojodi, a 7 kms long pine forest area is right in the middle of nowhere. Don’t bother hitting Google to search more, you really wouldn’t find anything much. Think lush green pine forest area, rare species of flora & fauna, a natural spring water stream as it flows at the ridge of the valley and fresh air uninterrupted by pollution or dust. This place is a must visit for anyone seeking solitude in the hills and misses the charm of a hill station like Manali used to have, except there are no streets here. An absolute offbeat wonder for that perfect weekend getaway.

5) Mandi/ Prashar Lake (Mandi District)

Distance from Delhi: 435 km

5 lesser known hill stations near Delhi to visit this summer
img source: wikimedia

Mandi is a quiet town en route to Manali from Delhi.Take a bus from Madi to Bagi and ask the locals for the route to Prashar Lake. The trek to the lake is a truly unforgettable experience. FYI, this is a lake so unknown that a lot of people never get there. This is a completely non-commercial & offbeat area of Himachal that can recharge you faster than anything else. Worth a visit if you have been trying to escape the monotony that your regular life has to offer.

These are some of the best hill stations you can visit near Delhi this summer. To make the trip more exciting, you might also want to consider travelling by bikes instead of cars or buses and if you don’t have one you can rent a bike from Wheelstreet at the most affordable rates. Happy Riding!

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