5 Macho bikes to celebrate International Men’s Day

November 19th is celebrated as International Men’s Day and what’s more masculine than bikes? So to commemorate this special day, we at Wheelstreet have compiled a list of the most macho bikes that will cause your testosterone levels to shoot up at the first twist of the throttle.

#1 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Royal Enfield Bullet 500
source: bcmtouring.com


One of the world’s most popular products from India, the Royal Enfield Bullet is as manly a bike as they come. Initially made for use in the army, the Bullet is a bike that has amassed an immense fan following all over the globe. The iconic Thump and the timeless slogan – ‘Made like a Gun’,  guarantee its appearance in almost every biker’s wish list.


#2 Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

Harley Davidson Night Rod
source: motorcycling.com


The evil twin of the V-Rod, as the folks over at Harley Davidson call it, the Night Rod is powered by a mammoth 1250cc V-twin engine and like most things American, it’s a bit bigger than it needs to be. Take one look at this beast though and your jaw will be on the floor. Unlike the typical Harleys, this one doesn’t scream out for attention with flashy chrome parts. In keeping with its name, the Night Rod comes in all black and looks like the something  Batman would use when he wants to go for a cruise without blowing things up.


#3 Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki Ninja H2
source: motorcycleusa.com


This bike was made by some lunatics at Kawasaki who seem to believe that it’s better to die on the way to your destination than to arrive late. The H2 is a commercial litre-class supercharged bike that produces 2oohp of power. As if that wasn’t enough, Kawasaki have also made a track-only variation known as the Ninja H2R that produces a ridiculous 300hp of power while managing to be 22 kgs lighter than its road legal sibling (it also happens to have mini wings instead of rear view mirrors). It’s hard to get a glimpse of this bike when its moving, but when you do manage to get a good look at it, the H2 looks like something Megatron would transform into in the next Transformers movie. All we know is, that you would have to be really brave and have a death-wish to open the throttle on this particular bike.


Kawasaki Ninja H2R
source: bestnewmotorcycles.com


#4 Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville
source: triumph.co.uk


Always the quintessential British classic bike, Triumph have decided to revamp their Bonneville line with the introduction of five new models – Street Twin, Thruxton, Thruxton R, Bonneville T120 and our personal favourite, the Bonneville T120 Black. These bikes are powered by a series of 3 new engines made by Triumph and come with cafe racer and scrambler designs that cater to the different tastes of retro bike enthusiasts. With drop-dead gorgeous looks and the technology to match them, you can’t really wrong with any one of these.

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton and Thruxton R
source: caranddriver.com


#5 Confederate X132 Hellcat

Confederate X132 Hellcat
source: xbhp.com


Any bike that rolls out of the Confederate stables is a sight to behold. And the handbuilt X132 Hellcat is no exception. Weighing in at 227 kgs and powered by an astronomical 2.1 Litre engine that produces 121 bhp of power, the X132 Hellcat features a radical design and can be found in the garages of personalities like David Beckham and MS Dhoni. Confederate only manufacture a limited number of each bike model though, and as you can imagine they are not exactly cheap. But you sure as hell won’t look any more macho on too many other bikes.


We may not have all of these bikes over at Wheelstreet, but you can certainly rent a Bullet or Harley from www.wheelstreet.com at affordable rates to celebrate International Men’s Day by riding a bike this year.

This article is brought to you by Wheelstreet – India’s first bike rental platform.

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