5 most common bike accidents in India and how to avoid them

Vehicle accidents are a common occurrence all over India and a fair number of them involve two-wheelers. When compared to cars and autos, bike accidents are more dangerous as they don’t have a protective cage around them. As a biker, you are the one who has to make sure you don’t get involved in one because regardless of whose fault it is, you’ll be the one who gets hurt. Here are the 5 most common bike accidents in India and a few tips on how you can avoid them.

1. A car/bus/auto suddenly turns into your lane

5 most common bike accidents in India and how to avoid them
source: mc-ams.co.uk

This is very common in India since no one follows lane discipline. Car, Auto, and Bus drivers feel entitled to the entire road and it’s always us bikers who have the worst time of it. And in case of any contact, we’ll always be the ones who get hurt the most (obviously).

How to avoid it: You have to be extra attentive whenever you’re riding in traffic. Assume that every other vehicle is on the road to get you and ride accordingly. You should be aware and wary of everyone around. And for god’s sake, use the rear view mirrors so that you aren’t one of the people who causes accidents.

2. You get rear-ended by someone

This is probably the most irritating accident you can get into. You’re stuck in traffic or have stopped on the side of the road and some moron comes and hits you from behind because he wasn’t paying attention.

How to avoid it: Stay on either side of the road and not the centre when you’re in traffic. Keep a lookout when you’ve stopped so you’ll have a few precious seconds to get out of the way in case someone is coming up behind you in a hurry.

3. You locked your front brake

Front brake lock

Imagine you’re riding your bike at around 80 kmph and suddenly an obstruction (maybe a dog or a speedbreaker) appears in front of view. You instinctively grab the front brake with all your might and the next thing you know you’re on the road after performing the worst stoppie ever.

How to avoid it: If you’re one of the lucky people who rides a bike with ABS, you don’t have to worry about it. But the rest of us have to learn how to brake properly. We have to control and change that instinct that makes us grab the front brake and instead use the rear brakes and engine braking to slow down.

4. Idiot bikers on the road

5 most common bike accidents in India and how to avoid them

There are too many rash bikers on the road who give the rest of us a bad name. These are the guys who pop wheelies on main roads, think that every guy who overtakes them wants a race, and generally ride like complete imbeciles.

How to avoid it: If you ever spot one of these guys on the road, make sure you stay as far away as you can. They’re usually never wearing a helmet and they love putting themselves and everyone around them in danger. Ignore them and let them overtake you because it’s just not worth the trouble.

5. The Need for Speed

Rash riding

You’ve been riding in traffic for a long time and suddenly the road opens up before you, you just can’t resist twisting the throttle all the way. Once you’re going too fast to control the bike though, even a small obstacle can cause serious problems.

How to Avoid it: It is really tempting, but you have to learn to maintain a speed at which you can control your bike in case of a sudden problem. Never go too fast if you don’t have enough experience and make sure you wear appropriate gear like gloves and a jacket if you’re hitting the highways.

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Are there any other causes that you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.

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