5 motorcycles that are perfect for riding in the rains

The rains are finally arriving in India to put an end to one of the worst summers the country has ever experienced. That euphoria we feel when the first showers arrive is incomparable and wonderful. But the rains bring their own problems in our cities with the main issue being that of are woefully deteriorating roads. “In India, the roads disappear when it rains” is a true fact. Trying to ride a motorcycle when the roads are waterlogged is like playing minesweeper; But instead imagine if when you click on a mine your computer slams you on the road. Since this weather is approaching soon, here are 5 motorcycles that you can ride in the rains without having to worry about hitting potholes.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

5 best motorcycles for riding in the rain

It was designed for the roughest terrains found in Ladakh and Kashmir so it should have no problem navigating the water-filled roads of a city. Actually it makes a lot of sense to get this bike because it’s not like the roads are in superb condition during the other months.

Hero Impulse

5 best motorcycles for riding in the rain
source: topgear

This bike was not too successful but it does have some merits. The chief of which is it’s high ride height and dirt-bike style raised exhaust, seats and mudguards. This makes the Hero Impulse pretty useful in rainy conditions where all the smaller roads essentially end up looking like a dirt bike racetrack from the ‘X Games’.

Yamaha RX 100

5 best motorcycles for riding in the rain
source: wikimedia

If it wasn’t for that pesky Global Warming, we would still be able to buy this wonderful bike today. And when it comes to off-roading (or riding in mud/water filled roads) you just can’t beat a 2-stroke. The RX 135 and RX-Z wouldn’t be bad options either.

KTM Duke 200

5 best motorcycles for riding in the rain
source: gqindia

Just don’t cut-off the rear mudguard to look cool and you can ride this bike peacefully in the rains. It’s powerful, easy to handle and there’s not too much of a body to clean after it gets dirty. Seriously though, don’t ride it without the mudguard.

Any Adventure Tourer

5 best motorcycles for riding in the rain
source: motociclismo

If you’re one of those guys with the money to buy a Adventurer/Tourer and actually use it for what it’s meant, you’re a lucky person. The new tourers in India like the Kawasaki Versys, Triumph Tiger and Suzuki V-Strom are perfect for tackling the conditions of the roads during monsoon and a whole lot more than that.

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Which motorcycle do you think would be perfect for riding in the rains? Let us know in the comments below.

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