Now that the stalls in Mosque Road are closed, here are 5 other places to enjoy delicious Ramzan food

Hola foodies! As you may already know, during the period of Ramzan, Mosque Road in Frazer Town turns into a paradise for all the non-vegetarian foodies in Bangalore. But the numerous stalls serving up sheekh kebabs, pathar ghost, haleem and countless desserts to thousands of Bangaloreans soon turned into a hassle. With the chaotic crowds around the area adding to the nightmarish traffic jams, the government decided to stop the Iftar feast in Frazer town. This might be a huge blow to all meat-lovers but there are still a few more places for Ramzan Food in Bangalore:



Shivajinagar is a place that is filled with food stalls throughout the year and is one of the only places in Bangalore where you can get food after midnight. During the month of Ramdan though, it dons a much more zealous appearance and the place bursts into life after sundown and the delicious smell of food starts wafting in the air. From beef and mutton kebabs to chicken samosas, from Caramel Custard to the best Suleimani Tea, you can find everything your stomach desires in Shivajinagar. Be sure to try out the Idiyappam and beef kebab which is a specialty of this foodie paradise.

Hotel Fanoos


Hotel Fanoos, located in the Johnson Market in Richmond Town, is famous for serving some of the best Sheekh Kebabs and rolls that you will find in Bangalore. What started off as a small stall has now transformed into a large eatery due to its ever growing popularity. Fanoos is a non-vegetarian’s haven and its legendary Beef sheekh kebabs are to die for.

Tilak Nagar

tilak nagar

Ramadan sees Tilak Nagar light up with small little stalls that dish out the most fantastic and scrumptious biryani and kebabs. If you’re looking for a slightly less crowded space than Shivajinagar, Tilak Nagar is definitely the place to go to. They also serve ox tongue in a dish but we’ve never tried it but do let us know if you do.

Rahamath Nagar

Rahamat nagar

Similar to the Shivajinagar and Mosque Road stalls but minus the huge crowd is Rahamath Nagar. The aroma of meat being grilled on the charcoal permeates the air as skewers of delectable sheekh kebabs are being cooked. The best part is you can enjoy equally good food without fighting through massive crowds to reach every stall.

Frazer Town

Frazer town

While the stalls on Mosque road might be banned, there are still plenty of other places in Frazer Town where you can enjoy delicious food during Ramadan. The Chichabas Taj serves excellent haleem while Rahhams is known for its exquisite biryani. There’s also the legendary Albert bakery which serves up a special during Ramadan – the goat brain puff. No points for guessing the main ingredient in this fantastic puff.

img source: HungryForever

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And that’s about it folks! Which one of these places would you want to go to first? Please hit us up in the comments section, if we missed out on any of your favorite spots to have the perfect iftar meal. And also, visit WheelStreet to book all your favorite bikes and reach these places in the most convenient and hassle-free way.

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