5 reasons why naked bikes are Amazing

Naked bikes are rapidly gaining popularity in the market with the KTM Duke and Pulsar 200NS taking India by storm. Following their success, a number of companies like Yamaha (MT-25), Kawasaki (Z250) and BMW (G310R) are launching naked bikes next year. So here are 5 reasons why you should own a naked sportsbike.

#1 Performance

KTM Duke 390
source: motorcycle.com


Naked bikes are famous for fast acceleration and high speeds. This is possible because of the high power to weight ratio that these bikes have. For example, the KTM Duke 390 has a P-W ratio of 300hp per tonne, which is the same as that of an Audi R8 V10! The high ratio is achieved with the use of a powerful engine coupled with an extremely light chassis, and it’s the reason why the Duke 390 can go from 0 to 100kmph in 5.5seconds.

#2 Handling

Kawasaki Z250
source: kawasaki.com


With short handlebars, an upright riding position and lightweight bodies, naked bikes are a dream when it comes to handling. So you can go from flying on stright highways to taking corners like Rossi on twisty Ghat sections without a worry.

#3 Practicality

KTM Duke 390 in Traffic
source: youtube.com


Performance and handling is one thing, but a fast track bike is usually a nightmare to ride in cities with their endless traffic and severe lack of parking spots. Naked bikes overcome this particular problem with ease. Due to their thin frames and lack of fairings, they can easily cut through traffic and the upright riding position means that the rider is quite comfortable as well.

#4 Price

source: maxabout.com


You certainly get your money’s worth with a naked bike. With the upcoming introduction of several models in India next year, the pricing is surely going to get more competitive as the makers try to get capture a bigger share  of the market. And less stuff on the bike (like fairings) means there are fewer things to fix or replace.

#5 The Fun Factor

source: ndtv.com


Naked bikes are just brilliant fun. They are quick, lightweight and just so fantastic to ride. An engine attached to a couple of wheels, the wind hitting you and nothing in your mind except the ride. And most of them come without electronic aids like traction control which means that it’s just you in control of the ride, and there’s nothing more thrilling than that.

So these are the reasons why you should own a naked bike. Still not convinced? Rent the bike of your choice from Wheelstreet today and see why these bikes are so much fun for yourself. Happy riding!

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