5 Reasons Why You HAVE to be a part of Rider Mania this year!

Motorcycling is much more than just a means of transportation. It’s about the freedom, the community, about gaining experiences and sharing them with like-minded people. Royal Enfield riders realise more than anyone else and they celebrate their passion of biking in an annual event called Rider Mania.

REs as far as the eye can see
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Rider Mania has grown to become one of the largest biker meets not only in India, but in the entire World. The gathering occurs every year in Goa, with multitudes of Royal Enfield enthusiasts thronging the party capital of India to turn it into a biker’s paradise for 3 days. Rider Mania 2015 will be held in Vagator, Goa from the 20th to 22nd November. Here are 5 reasons why every RE fan must absolutely undertake this rider’s pilgrimage!:

#1 The Unforgettable Ride to Goa

Ride to Goa
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“It’s the journey that matters, not the destination” isn’t a very fitting quote if the destination is Goa, but the journey to get there is an experience on its own. Whether you’re riding in from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi or any other place in India with a RE group (which covers almost every city in this country), the picturesque route through the Konkan Ghats is an absolute treat for bikers. Couple that with the experience of riding with a whole bunch of hardcore bikers and you have a trip that’s not going to be forgotten for the rest of your life.


#2 The Thrilling Activities

Dirt Track Racing Racing at Rider Mania
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Catering to every individual’s taste, Rider Mania plays host to a number of fun and competitive events like biking trials, arm wrestling competitions, slow racing and the the most popular – the dirt track race. Such is the popularity of these festivities, that the renowned Isle of Man TT racer Guy Martin paid a visit to Rider Mania in 2014. Not surprisingly, he secured a top of the podium place in the 500cc class.

Guy Martin at Rider Mania 2014
source: autoevolution.com


Another crowd attraction is the Maze Challenge, where the competitors have to show off their handling skills as they carefully navigate their bikes through a tricky maze while the spectators spur them on.

source: ridetillidie.com


#3 The Beer Drinking Challenge

Beer Drinking Challenge Rider Mania
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Bikers and beer go hand-in-hand and there’s no way Royal Enfielders are ever going to forget that, especially in Goa. As a result Rider Mania hosts one the biggest and most competitive beer-chugging contests even by Goa’s high standards when it comes to drinking booze.


#4 The Rider Mania Music Festival

Rider Mania Music Festival
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The artist line up in Rider Mania’s music festival can rival most independently held events in the country. Covering almost every possible genre – from jazz, indie rock and blues to EDM, Dubstep and fusion, the Rider Mania stage caters to every individual’s musical taste. This year’s event has an incredible line up of brilliant artists and bands like Raghu Dixit, Dualist Inquiry, Nucleya, Karsh Kale and Indian Ocean.


#5 The Custom Enfields Competition

Custom RE at Rider Mania
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No biking event can ever be complete without the showcasing of custom-made motorcycles by die-hard enthusiasts. The fact that Royal Enfields happen to be one the most customizable bikes in the World, means that this event is a rather special sight. Craftsmen from across the country show-off their beloved creations and the 15 best bikes are chosen to be displayed on the main stage of Rider Mania, which is a moment of immense pride for anyone.

Custom Bike Stage at Rider Mania
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So, what are you waiting for? Come join the brotherhood, or sisterhood (we don’t discriminate), and meet us in Goa for the ultimate Royal Enfield event of the year. To register click here 

If you don’t have a Royal Enfield bike but still want to take part in this unforgettable gathering, you can rent the RE of your choice at affordable rates from the vast collection available at  Wheelstreet and thump your way over to Rider Mania 2015.

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