6 biker accessories you need to commute safe and dry in monsoons

The monsoons are a difficult time for bikers. In the crowded cities especially, we have to deal with buses and cabs splashing water and mud on us at every turn besides getting drenched anyway because of the rain. This is especially a problem if you’re on your way to work or college. You’ll have to walk in dripping water on the floor and whatever’s in your bag is probably ruined too. To avoid such experiences, take a look at these biker accessories that will make your daily commute during the monsoons a much drier and safer one.

Waterproof Riding Gear

Monsoon-Riding-Gear-jacket - biker accessories

The conventional jackets, raincoats and windcheaters just don’t cut it on a bike; They are helpless against the torrent of water when you’re riding in the rains. Instead of them you can try out waterproof riding gear. The gear that comes with armour and a waterproof lining is usually very expensive. But if just waterproofing is what you’re looking for there are plenty of options – Steelbird recently launched its waterproof range of riding gear called Ignyte. The list of accessories include gloves, jackets, pants and shoe-covers and are priced between INR 1,139 and INR 1,699.

Visor Wipers

Visor Wiper biker accessories monsoons

“If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.” Whoever said that is absolutely right as far as these visor wipers go. They are a ridiculously simple solution to a dangerous problem. Unlike a car which has windscreen wipers, there’s nothing to wipe the helmet visor and the rider’s visibility is dangerously impaired.  This finger wiper is a small and simple product designed for wiping water from the visor while riding through rain. And you can order one online for just Rs 50 so it won’t hurt to try it out.

Backpack Covers

Waterproof Backpack Cover - biker accessories monsoons

Your bag getting wet in the downpour is a big issue; Your laptop, papers, notes, basically everything important gets ruined. Now instead of splurging cash and buying a waterproof bag, you can instead buy a simple backpack cover that acts as a raincoat for your bag. Even the really good ones from Quecha won’t set you back more than 5-6 hundred rupees.

Ventilated Helmets

Monsoon-Riding-Gear-Helmets- biker accessories monsoons

One of the major issues while riding in the rains is visor fogging. The problem rises due to lack of ventilation which keeps the condensed air inside the helmet, thus fogging the visor. A quality helmet may set you back by a few thousand rupees but the ventilation system can enhance the visibility significantly, and work as an active safety aid in low-visibility conditions prevalent during monsoons.

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Hazard Lights

Hazard Lights - biker accessories monsoons

Unlike cars, most motorcycles do not receive a hazard light switch. However, installing one is no rocket science and all it takes is a switch and some wiring modifications to get one on your motorcycle. You can either purchase a hazard light switch from an Indian dealer or buy one from eBay for 1/4th of the price quoted here. I bought a pair for INR 250, shipping included, while some local dealers quoted anywhere between INR 400-700 for a single piece. Getting the switch installed and wiring modifications from a local mechanic will cost another INR 100-200 bucks. Hazard lights improve your vehicle’s visibility during downpours or in low visibility conditions

source: Motoroids

Do you use any biker accessories that aren’t mentioned here during the monsoons? Let us know in the comments below.

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