6 reasons why bikes are better than auto rickshaws

Even with ever-increasing popularity of cabs in the major cities of India, auto rickshaws are still the preferred choice of transport for many people. But using autos for travelling comes with a number of problems that leave you broke, angry or both. Bikes are a much better choice for a mode of transport. Here are 6 reasons why you should use bikes for commuting instead of auto rickshaws.

1. Bikes are cheaper

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The amount of money you spend for fuel to travel by bike everyday is going to nothing compared to the exorbitant rates that auto drivers charge. Moreover, you don’t have to shell-out extra money just because the auto driver’s feeling a little greedy or if you want to travel after 10pm. And your bike is never going to refuse to go somewhere because it won’t get a passenger in that area!

2. Bikes are more convenient

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You never have to worry about finding an auto when you’re in a rush to reach your destination if you have a bike. You’re going to find your bike where you last parked it, whereas you’ll have to walk over to the nearest auto stand or the main road to catch a rickshaw.

3. Bikes are faster

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While auto drivers are notorious for the crazy way in which they slice through traffic without a care for anyone else, bikes are also brilliant for getting through the endless traffic jams that are found on the roads of every major city in India. Bikes are also more powerful than auto rickshaws which means that you don’t have to struggle while climbing a fly-over as an over-crowded bus slowly overtakes you while you’re getting late for an important meeting.

4. Bikes are more comfortable

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If you are stuck in traffic (which will definitely happen), it is much more comfortable to be on a bike rather than sit in a cramped auto as you listen to the radio channel of the driver’s choice blaring out at full volume from a few inches behind you. Your helmet will also protect you, to a certain extent, from dust and exhaust fumes that assault you in an auto rickshaw.

5. Bikes = less stress

Bargaining with auto drivers
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Travelling by auto means that you have to be prepared for continuous bargaining and ridiculous arguments with the driver. After a long day of work, no one is any mood to listen to why you should pay Rs 50 extra on the meter or why the driver just refuses to go to your place. With a bike, you are assured of a fast mode of transportation that is dependent only on you and not someone else’s whims and fancies.

6. Bikes are more fun

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This one is a no-brainer. Riding around on your bike, whether alone or with friends is way more fun than travelling by auto. You can go for impromptu road trips or random destinations without worrying about how much you have to spend to get there. Also, you’re going to look way cooler if you arrive at your destination (especially a date) on a bike instead of in an auto.

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