6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately

Biking and the culture that surrounds it has been endlessly slated by society for years and I’m sure it will continue for some more time. Almost everyone who doesn’t ride a bike is always complaining about how dangerous it is and how all bikers are a menace to society. Well this is far from the truth and you should waste a single second listening to these unfortunate souls who spend their time bashing something that’s so brilliant just because they’re too scared to try it. To counter all the negativity all aspiring bikers might be facing from the people around them, here are a few reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately.

1. Bikes make you cool

6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately
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Of all the things that you though were cool in high school, riding a bike is the one thing that retains this cool factor throughout your life. Cigarettes and alcohol might be tempting at first but as you gain some sense you realize that they’re actually terrible. Bikes on the other hand, are not. In some way or the other bikes make you cooler than others. You don’t even have to be John Abraham riding a R1 to look cool, just the act of riding a bike is usually enough.

2. You’ll understand what freedom really is

6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately
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As citizens of a Democratic country, we are free in the constitutional sense of the word but as we both know, we really aren’t. We’re imprisoned by our jobs, our familial obligations and such. As kids we always imagined being an adult would mean living life on our own terms but we can’t even go on a holiday without getting approval from our companies and/or families. That’s where bikes are going to save your childhood vision of adulthood.

On a bike, you’re about as free as you can get in this world without forgoing all responsibilities. When you’re out for a ride, whether it’s for an hour or a couple of days, the only thing on your mind is the ride and nothing else. All other worldly problems just melt away in the wake of the wind hitting your face as you revel in the feeling of riding a bike.

3. Commuting is actually bearable

6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately
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I won’t go so far as to say that commuting on a bike in India is fun. Courtesy of the endless traffic and innumerable potholes and assholes on the road, travelling in Indian cities is never going to be fun until Uber and Ola start a helicopter service. Until then, bikes are your best friends. While all those car guys are sitting in their air-conditioned cages listening to the radio and complaining about how they’ve been stuck in the same spot for an hour, we bikers can happily weave through the traffic and reach our destination much before than them. Who’s the idiot now huh?

4. You’re saving the planet!

6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately
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One of the nicer side-effects of riding a bike is that you’re being a less of a burden on the environment. Bikes have much better fuel economies than cars and we don’t spend our time in halted traffic with the engine running so that we can use the AC.

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5. It’s therapeutic

6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately
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Unless you’re stuck in traffic which I’ve described above, riding a bike is very therapeutic for you. When you ride a bike, you have to be completely aware of everything going on around you unlike in a car where you can coast along while barely paying any attention. How is that beneficial you ask? Well, when you was the last time you thought of some mundane nonsense while riding a bike? Exactly. Unless you’re one of those blessed people who can sit for hours and chant Om over and over, riding a bike will provide you the feeling closest to meditation without having to struggle to stay awake.

6. It’s a lot of fun!

6 reasons why you need to start riding bikes immediately
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There’s no such thing as a boring bike ride. No matter what problems or tensions who have in life, going for a bike ride is one of the best ways to forget them, even if it’s just for a little while. Had a bad day at work? Take the long route home and watch as everything bearing down on you just seems to ebb away during the ride. Even if you’re getting bored and need some alone time, you can just get on your bike and set off to wherever you want to go. And there are very few things in the world that can match the feeling of doing so.

Do you really want any more reasons to start riding a bike? And if any bikers are reading this, I would appreciate it if you could tell me the reason why you love to ride the most in the comments below. Happy Riding!

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