7 GIFs that show Isle of Man TT racers are the bravest on the planet

The Isle of Man TT is an annual race that is held on a small island off the coast of England. The public roads on the Isle of Man are closed and converted into a racetrack for the duration of the TT (Tourist Trophy) which is regarded as one of the most dangerous and prestigious events of motorsport racing. There are multiple races held during this time featuing both cars and bikes but the most coveted is the 500cc Senior TT bike race.

The winner of this race is regarded as one of, if not the best bike racer on the planet. The race also happens to be extremely dangerous and it takes a huge amount of confidence and bravery to even attempt it. Here are a few GIFs that will show you why the participants of this race can be regarded as some of the bravest people on the planet.

#1 There is absolutely no room for error

source: imgur

#2 Jumping a crest at 250+ kmph is no easy task

source: imgur

#3 They almost go faster than the eye can see

source: imgur

#4 Wrestling the bike back under control without losing speed

source: tumblr

#5 Residents on the island enjoying their morning tea with some entertainment

source: tumblr

#6 View from an onboard camera. Crazy isn’t it?

source: tumblr

#7 What happens if you do lose control

source: giphy

That was Conor Cummins and don’t worry, he survived the crash (with multiple fractures, obviously) and was back to race a couple of years later. Now if that isn’t bravery I don’t know what is.

We hope you don’t get inspired by these gifs to attempt some high speed dare-devilry of your own. Remember that these guys put in years of practise before attempting this race. If you do want to ride a superbike (sensibly and within the speed limits) you can rent one at affordable rates from Wheelstreet. Happy Riding!

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