7 Best Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

Best Places to visit near Bangalore

After a ridiculously long and unbelievably hot summer, the monsoons have finally arrived in Bangalore. And while the rains and the accompanying cool weather make us want to curl up in our beds with a book and a cup of hot tea, this time of the year also happens to magnify the scenic beauty of a number of places. The waterfalls are in full flow and the forests never look greener than they do during this period. So here are 7 best places to visit near Bangalore that are exceptionally wonderful holiday destinations during the monsoon.

Bangalore – The city surrounded by natures beauty of lakes, hill stations, water falls and more –

Chembra Peak, Wayanad

Chembra Peak Wayanad 7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

One of the most picturesque and best places to visit near Bangalore, the God’s own country, the beauty of Wayanad is magnified tenfold during the monsoon. The undulating hills and glimmering lakes are a sight that’s almost surreal in nature. The Chembra Peak, at a height of 2,100 metres, offers a mesmerising view which is exaggerated under the cover of rain.

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The forests of Kabini

Kabini 7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

Kabini is one of the more popular destinations in Karnataka for wildlife lovers. But unlike the other National Parks and tiger reserves, Kabini remains open to tourists during the monsoons. The forests and the River make for a wonderful scenery during the rains and the more pleasant temperatures makes this a great time to spot tigers, leopards, wild dogs and elephants here. And of course, there is the eye-catching peacock mating dance that takse place during the rains.

Agumbe Rainforests

Agumbe 7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

Agumbe, also known as the “Cherrapunji of the South”, is one of the wettest and best places to visit near Bangalore and is home to some of the most pristine tropical rainforests in India. Trekking here is a heavenly experience as the extremely green terrain and multitude of waterfalls burst into life during the monsoons. Due to the tropical rainforests, a number of snakes can be found in the region and one of the more common species happens to be the King Cobra, so tread carefully!

Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh

7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

Known as “Andhra’s Ooty”, the Horsley Hills is a romantic destination that offers breathtaking views of the Eastern Ghats. You can also find some of the oldest geological rock formations in India here. The natural beauty of these hills is accentuated during the monsoons as the surroundings take an ethereal appearance.


Hogenakkal 7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

The majestic Hogenakkal Falls lie in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu are formed by the river Cauvery crashing over rocky terrain with so much force that it emits white smoke, hence the name Hogenakkal (Hoge=smoke, kal=stone).  During the monsoons, these falls are in full flow and the resultant sight is one you can’t see any other time in the year.

Sharavathi River Valley and Jog Falls

Sharavathi River Valley 7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

This is possibly Karnataka’s prettiest water body. The Sharavathi river valley, the reservoir, the Shola forests, the National Highway 206 and the mighty Jog falls all give it a dreamy connection. Driving on these winding ghat roads through mist and rain is a very special experience. One never gets bored as there are so many stunning sights on the way. There is the Linganamakki Reservoir, there are beautiful view points and then there is Jog Falls, the tallest waterfall of Karnataka.


Kudremukh 7 Places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoons

This region of Karnataka is yet undisturbed by tourism since it was closed-off for a long while due to mining and naxalites. Now the forests in Kudremukh offer a sort of pristine greenery that makes it look like a place straight out of a fairy tale. If you are the adventurous kind, you can trek and camp inside the Kudremukh national park and if you are the regular tourist kind, drive to the prickly Hanuman Gundi Falls, the massive Lakya Dam and the sensationally green forests in and around Kudremukh.

If you’re a true biker who doesn’t blanch at the idea of riding in the rains, consider renting a bike from Wheelstreet to make your trip to one of these places all the more enjoyable. Which one of these best places to visit near Bangalore would you select first during this monsoon season? Let us know in the comments below.

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