7 reasons to own a BIKE and not a car

Cars vs bikes is a debate that rages on in the automobile world with cars always having the upper hand. Bikes have a lot of positives over cars which aren’t really acknowledged by the 4 wheeler fans. So for the next time you find yourself in the middle of this argument, here are 7 reasons to shut the car guys up when they start talking smack about bikes.

#1 Awesome Mileage

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Bikes offer a much better fuel economy than cars. Commuter bikes like the Hero Splendor give a mileage around 80 kmpl whereas the most fuel efficient car won’t offer more than 20 kmpl. That means low running costs and a whole lot of savings.

#2 Parking is a breeze

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Going by car for some Sunday shopping in the city usually turns into a nightmare because of the severe shortage of parking spots. Bikers have no problem when it comes to parking their comparitively tiny vehicles in the tightest of spots.

#3 Traffic? No problem!

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Traffic is the stuff of nightmares for motorists. More so for the car drivers as they see the bikers breeze through any space they can fit through, while the cars are stuck behind some bus or truck in a seemingly endless traffic jam.

#4 More power for less money

(The KTM Duke 390 and Audi R8 V10 both have a power-to-weight ratio of 300hp/tonne.)

No one can argue with this point. Bikes offer much more value for money than cars especially in terms of performance. If you want a vehicle that accelerates from 0-100 kmph in under 6 seconds, you can either spend Rs 50 lakhs on a 6-cylinder sports car or shell out Rs 2.1 lakhs on a KTM Duke 390. And lets not forget that the maintenance and running costs of bikes are much lesser than that of cars.

#5 Biker Clubs

Royal Enfield Riders Group
source: sodelhi.com

There is a brotherhood and sense of community among bikers that isn’t very prevalent with car drivers. Bikers love to get together in groups and go for long journeys while reveling in the spirit of companionship, something that is never seen with car guys.

#6 The Cool factor

Royal Enfield Continental GT
source: youtube.com

Let’s face it, bikes are cooler than cars. You are going to look way cooler riding a Royal Enfield Continental GT in your leather jacket than you ever will driving a Mercedes or Audi, no matter what you’re wearing.

#7 Bikes = Freedom

source: geekroom.com

This is something that has to be experienced to be understood. When you’re on a bike, you are focused on the ride on nothing else. Driving a car is like watching a movie whereas riding a bike is like living the movie. As they say – “Four wheels will get you there, but two wheels will make the journey memorable.”

So these are the reasons why bikes are better than cars. Still not convinced? Rent the bike of your choice from Wheelstreet  today and see why  bikes are so much fun for yourself. Happy riding!

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