7 reasons why you SHOULD join a riders group

Riders groups or bikers groups which were made famous by Harley-Davidson riders are rapidly gaining popularity in India. Royal Enfield owners especially have taken to biking in groups with a passion, with a number of RE groups being formed in almost every city in India. This has also resulted in a number of official events like the Himalayan Odyssey and Rider Mania being held on an annual basis. So with a number of rider groups popping up everywhere, here are 7 reasons why joining one is a good idea.

1. Improves Discipline and Responsibility

Royal Mavericks Rider Group
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While riding, every biker group follows a specific order and code of conduct. Being part of a group means that you have to rise above your personal riding preferences and follow the rules of the group. This improves your self-control and discipline which is very useful in other areas of your life as well. The best part is that this discipline is created not because of a fear of punishment but is self-imposed due to a common love for freedom and bikes.

2. Rides are Safer

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Riding with friends is safer than riding solo and riding in a large group is the safest of them all. It’s a good feeling to know that if anything doesn’t go according to plan, you have an entire brotherhood to look out for you. Whether it’s a punctured tyre or a faulty clutch, every group has a few riders who are expert mechanics who will have your bike up and running in no time. You are also less likely to get into an accident while riding in large groups as all the other vehicles on the road will steer clear of your entourage.

3. Meeting new and exciting people

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Our daily routines usually involve us interacting with same people over and over again. While this may not necessarily be a bad thing, it can certainly get boring as you’ll eventually run out of things to talk about. That’s why rider groups are a great way to socialize with people who share the same interests as you and will have a host of experiences and stories to share about biking. This means that you’ll never be bored and will look forward to this escape from a routine life.

4. Get more Attention

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You might be riding a brilliant bike in full racing leathers, but as a solo rider you’ll mostly be zipping past others who at the most offer you a cursory glance. When you’re riding in a group however, who get the kind of attention that is usually reserved for movie stars and famous athletes. That kind of respect and admiration makes you feel very special, which sometimes, is a good thing.

5. Happiness multiplies when shared

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A moment is always more special when you have people to share it with. When you’re with the extended family you call your riders group, every experience and achievement is automatically more memorable. You’ll share some of the most precious moments of your life with them which will remain as unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.

6. Learn more about bikes

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The collective knowledge of the bikers in a group is immense and you can learn a lot from them. Finding out how others deal with their mechanical problems helps you maintain your own bike in a much better way. It can also open creative doors for you and give you some very inventive ideas about the kind of modifications you can do with your own machine.

7. Being part of a Legacy

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Forgive me for being a little philosophical on this, but the idea of being a part of something larger than ourselves is one the main reasons we like riders groups. You can be a person with a bad job or an unappreaciative family, but when you’re with your group, none of that matters. You are remembered for who were on the bike as a part of a brotherhood and community that is much larger than any individual, and that is just brilliant.

These groups organise meets quite often and you can ride with some of them without having to be a member. So if you feel like getting into the true spirit of biking and need a ride to do so, rent the bike of your choice at affordable rates from Wheelstreet and try riding in a group for yourself.

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