7 Restaurants You Must Try While You’re ‘Romeing’ Around In Rome – A Budget Traveler’s List

Buongiorno Signore e Signori! One of the top travel destinations in Europe is the eternal city of Rome, with its intriguing history, religious significance and rich culture, travelers usually don’t have a lot of cash left with them to explore its awesometacular culinary side, don’t fret though, because if you’re a foodie who would like to chow down in Rome without spending a fortune, this article is just for you, that being said, here’s a list of restaurants in Rome that are perfect for the budget traveler,


If you’re looking for a familiar snack at a price that does not put a dent in your wallet, then Hamburgerseria is the place for you! You can bite into one of its burgers at €7 or try the restaurant’s scrumptious hot wings at €6 and fill up your tummy without emptying your pockets.

Trattoria Vecchia Roma


Just a short stroll from the Metro A Vittorio Emanuele stop, this cafe has the perfect balance of taste and authenticity when it comes to both, its food and its ambience. Dishes start at €9 and because of this amazing value for money, you will need a reservation to get into this popular eatery.

La Renella


With an average price of €5, this pizza place is sure to boggle your mind with its impressive and infinite choices of Pizza toppings. With its later than usual closing times, La Renella is the perfect place for a late night snack in the city.



Ever heard of pinsa? No? Good. Well, pinsa is an ancient cousin of the pizza and the best place to introduce your palette to it, is Pinsere. With prices as low as € 3, you will be spoilt with the seemingly infinite choices that the cafe has in store for you.

Kathmandu Fast Food


If a change from all the cheese is what you’re looking for, then Kathmandu Fast Food should be your go-to place. With a plate of rice, veggies and meat curry at the price of €7, you can have your no-cheese experience without spending a fortune.


Imagine having a piping hot serving of the most delicious pasta with a glass of wine to go with at €4, crazy right!? No. Not crazy, because Pastificio does just this, situated in the beautiful Piazza di Spagna, the restaurant is a favorite among the locals and tourists alike.

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Rome – Roma

The perfect place to have the biggest slice of a delicious pizza at the most affordable prices, Forno Campo de’ Fiori is a popular restaurant that serves slices of its delicious pizza bianca and prices it according to its weight, which usually means that you can have a tummy full of pizza in under €6.

And that’s it folks! If you’re ever in Rome and want to chow down without spending too much, you know where to go. As for the question of how to get to all these amazing places, visit WheelStreet and rent yourself a bike to make your Vatican experience, one for the ages.

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