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7 Tips For Everyone Looking To Buy A Secondhand Bike In India

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I believe that buying a motorbike is one of the best investments that a person can make. And if you think strong and hard, and be patient, buying a motorbike can be a once in a lifetime investment as well. Now there are two types of motorbikes that you can buy, viz., A brand new one or one that is pre-owned or as it is more popularly know as, a secondhand bike.

Buying a secondhand bike has its pros and cons, the pro is that you can get the bike that you want at a significantly (if you’re lucky) lower price as compared to the brand new one. But the con, is that sometimes you might get swindled into paying and owning a bike that is in a much worse condition than it looks.

And that is the whole point of this article, to give the people looking to buy a secondhand bike a few tips so that they can be sure that their investment into buying a pre-owned bike is worth it. Here goes,

1. Do your homework

Before you set out to buy a bike, you must always do extensive research into what kind of a motorbike you want to own, what its current resale value is and loads of other things. A better thing to do, would be to ask a friend who knows a little more about bikes than you do (we all have that one friend) to join you on your quest.

2. Check the bike

As obvious as this tip is, it is still an important one because if everyone followed this tip then no one would ever get swindled when buying a secondhand bike. Moving on, there two checks that you must do, the first should be a cosmetic check-up wherein you look for scratches, inconsistencies in the paint and look out for signs that indicate a possible crash in the past. After this preliminary check you and your bike-savvy friend can go to town on the bike and look for rust, the condition of the chain sprocket, the cables etc. Use flashlights. In the end, put the bike on double stand and look at it from the centre and look for symmetry, this will help you conclude if the bike had ever been in a crash. Check the condition of the tires as well.

3. Ignition is important

Not all problems are visible, some are audible as well. A cold start will give you a very good idea of the condition of the bike. Keep your ears up for any unusual sound during idling and acceleration. Check the exhaust, the lights, the indicators and also feel if there is any sort of unusually heavy vibrations.

4. Make sure the numbers match

Make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the frame and on the engine match. And while you do that your friend can call the manufacturer, insurance and the state authorities to find out if there are any problem with the bike’s registration and also if it was ever in a crash.

5. Maintenance matters

Ask the owner of the bike to share the records of the maintenance. If there are no records ask thoroughly and get a clear idea of how often the bike has been serviced in the past.

6. The Test Ride

Now get on the bike and take her for a spin, make sure the clutch and the brakes work smoothly, swerve the bike around a little bit to get an idea of how easily it responds. And keep an ear out for any rattling or creaking sound coming from the bike and consult the owner immediately after if this happens.

7. Negotiation isn’t a bad thing

For every problem you encounter, the asking price of the bike gets reduced. But the owner will act like he doesn’t know this and that, is why you must talk about all the things that you feel are a problem. Because it will help the owner understand that you are not to be swindled with, and if all else fails, you have your biker friend to help you out and express all that you feel in a more comprehensive way to the owner.

And there you have it, 7 tips for everyone looking to buy a secondhand bike.

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