8 Haunted Roads (Highways) In India Every Daredevil Biker Must Visit

Roadtrips are always considered a joy to experience because the roads you take, take you to new places and the changing scenery slowly changes your perception of the world, essentially changing who you are. But there are some roads in India that are best left unexplored owing to the strange and creepy stories surrounding them. I believe that when it comes to experiencing something paranormal, we are all skeptics, until we aren’t. Now with that idea in your minds, here’s a list of roads in India that are believed to be haunted.

1. Kasara Ghat

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One of the most sort after experiences when going on a road trip is the experience of driving/riding on a road that is surrounded by a lush green landscape. The Mumbai – Nashik highway offers exactly that and is one of the most popular routes in Maharashtra. On the flip side of this though is the Kasara Ghat, which is a part of the highway that has become infamous for the sheer number of road accidents happening on this particular stretch. Travelers claim to have seen a headless lady sitting on the trees. Travelers are warned not to take this stretch of road after sunset because the looming bushes standing on either side of the road does not help with the creepy atmosphere that this stretch of highway emits.

2. Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor

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A part of National Highway 209 (NH 209), this stretch of road cuts through the Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary and has become infamous for the various strange experiences that travelers claim to have while driving on this road. With thick forests on either side of the road and the fact that the infamous bandit Veerappan had once called this forest his home has made travelers weary and hesitant to take this road after sundown. People claim hearing blood curdling screams coming from the forest, seeing floating lanterns and experiencing other paranormal sightings while driving through this road.

3. Kashedi Ghat

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A part of the Mumbai – Goa highway, Kashedi Ghat is said to be haunted by the ghost of a person who appears in front of vehicles and signals them to stop. The claims then say that if the driver fails to heed the person’s request and drives on, they meet with an accident down the road. That isn’t the creepy part, the actually creepy part about this story is the number of major road accidents that have occurred in the exact stretch of road that these claims have originated from.

4. East Coast Road

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A stretch of road on the Chennai – Puducherry route, East Coast Road is a delight to drive on with the smooth road spread across two lanes and the picturesque scenery on either sides. Driving on this road stops feeling like a delight after sunset though, because travelers claim to have seen a woman walking along the road, distracting drivers and riders, causing major accidents. People also claim to experience a sudden temperature drop during a particular stretch on this road.

5. National Highway 11A (NH 11)

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An alternate route on the Delhi – Jaipur route, NH 11A takes travelers through the area near Bhangarh fort, which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India. People claim that the areas near the fort are the ones with the most paranormal incidents and it is also believed that the stretch of road passing through the Bhangarh fort area are haunted by the spirits that haunt the monument itself.

6. Marve & Madh Island Road

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The road that takes travelers to the beautiful Madh island is littered with creepy stories and strange happenings. People claim seeing a woman dressed as a bride walking on the road after dark and the narrow and deserted nature of this route doesn’t help much either.

7. Blue Cross Road, Chennai

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Believed to go through a place where a lot of people have committed suicide in the past, travelers driving on the Blue Cross road claim to have seen white apparitions and other strange figures that follow their vehicles for a long distance.

8. Delhi Cantonment Road

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Residents of Delhi strongly believe that a spirit of a woman haunts this road as almost all the travelers who pass through this road claim to have seen the spirit, making other travelers dread passing through this road.

And that’s it folks, a list of roads in India that are considered to be haunted. Now I know that this is the part of the article where I warn you to not take these roads but then I know that some of you consider all this to be part of your thrill. But I will leave you with this, why experience something which is the exact opposite of what going on a roadtrip should feel like? You have a choice. And no matter what you choose, it is always better to be safe and cautious while riding. Godspeed!

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