8 MUST-DO modifications for your new bike

Taking a brand new bike home from the showroom is the one of the best moments in a biker’s life. The feel of an untouched bike, the smell of fresh rubber and an odometer in the single digits are probably the best parts about getting a new bike.

However, once the novelty wears off, you start to notice the small nuances like a weak exhaust note or that ugly rear fender which start getting under your skin after a while. So here are some modifications that you can make to your bike to give it a unique personality that is more suited to your personal tastes.

1. Air Filters

K&N filter on a HD V-Twin
source: bikebandit.com

Changing the air filters can make a world of difference to your motorcycle. Performance filters like K&N not only help your engine breathe easier and hence improve performance, but they are the easiest way to improve the sound of your bike. Changing the filters on a bike like the KTM Duke or Kawasaki Ninja 300 can give it a much deeper sound that suits the bike, unlike the weak engine noise that is present in the factory models.

2. Exhaust

Yoshimura exhaust on a NInja 250R
source: ytube.com

The exhaust pipes are perhaps the most modified parts on any bike. The best part about changing the exhaust is the variety that is available nowadays. You can choose between exhausts that produce deep rumbling sounds to ones that positively scream when you twist the throttle. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot attach any exhaust pipe to your bike, it must be suitable for the engine and accompanied with proper air filters or it will just reduce the performance and cause some other unforseen problems.

3. Crash Guard

RDMoto crash guard on KTM RC390
source: rdmoto.com

No matter how good a rider you are, your bike is going to suffer a fall at some point. Some idiot may accidentally push it over in a parking lot or someone may crash into you on the road. This is where a crash guard will save you a bomb in repairs. Crash guards are very easy add-ons that prevent your engine and bike frame from suffering extensive damage if and when your bike suddenly finds itself lying on the floor. They are especially essential if you have a fully-faired bike like a R15 or KTM RC390/200.

4. Projector Headlamps

Projector Headlamp on Pulsar 200NS
source: bcmtouring.com

Not only do projector headlights improve visibility, they can also add a distinctive look to your bike. Nicknamed Angel Eye, projector lamps are easily available for every bike in the market whether it is a RE Bullet or a Bajaj Pulsar. They instantly make the bike look more agressive and make sure that it stands out in a crowd of similar models.

5. Battery Tender

Battery Tender
source: bikebandit.com

How many times have you had to replace the battery when it should’ve lasted much longer? Exactly. That’s where the battery tender comes in use. It’s a very essential and easy-to-fit modification that is rarely used. The tender prevents the battery from draining out when your bike isn’t in use for a long period and will make sure you don’t hear that dreaded ‘click’ when you’re ready for a ride and your bike won’t start.

6. Fender Eliminator

source: volusion.com

Stock fenders on most bikes like the Yamaha FZ and Duke are bulky, ugly and ruin the sleek look of the bike. Fender eliminators account for that and either include their own lights or relocate the stock lights for a much better and cleaner look.

7. Tyres

source: pinterest.com

The stock tyres used on your bikes are made to be as multi-purpose as possible. This is all well and good for most riders but if you have a particular riding disposition or ride in a different terrain, then it is a very good idea to get aftermarket tyres that are suited for your particular needs. Do some proper research before getting a new set of tyres though, because the wrong choice can makes matters much worse than they were.

8. Professional Suspension Setup

source: motorbikewriter.com

This is not exactly a modification, but it is just about the most important thing to do to tailor the bike to your needs. Bike suspensions are completely different from car suspensions as the ratio of your weight to the vehicle weight is much larger for bikes than for cars. Getting the suspension settings correct for your weight is much more important and is crucial to handling, ride quality, and even safety…but so few people do it!


What was the first mod that you did, or would do, on a new bike? Tell us in the comments below.

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