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9 Words That Inexplicably Sum Up Every Traveler’s Feelings

Travelling is not just about moving your body, it’s about moving your soul with it. The journeys we take always end up evoking some inexplicable feelings that we don’t get when we’re not on the move. These feelings can be evoked by something we see on the road or something we experience and these feelings are what changes us from the person we were when we set out on our journey to the person that returns from it. That being said, here’s a list of words that sum up a traveler’s feelings,

1. Nemophilist

2. Strumfrei

3. Resfeber

4. Trouvaille

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5. Numinous

6. Hygge


8. Hodophile

9. Yugen

And that’s it my fellow travelers, now, if the knowledge of these words and what they mean have sparked the traveler in you, visit Wheelstreet Bike Rentals to rent all your favorite bikes and take a trip that reminds you that you’ve always been a Hodophile.

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