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The Legendary Duel : Harley Davidson Vs Royal Enfield Which One You Should Buy?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, what would you want in your ideal two-wheeled companion?
Comfort? Check.
Power? Check.
Stability? Check.
A Storied History? Check
Now I know what you must be thinking, what motorbike checks all of these criteria? Well, to be honest a lot of bikes do. But none do it like two of the most widely used and loved, The Harley Davidson and The Royal Enfield.

If I asked you to choose one of these two legendary brands, which one would you go with?
Well, after a brief moment of thought, any smart rider will say that ‘IT DEPENDS.’ And that truly is a good answer because when it comes to the beautifully crafted engines that both of these motorbiking juggernauts manufacture, there are some pros and cons to them both. Let us explore this further,

In case of Harley Davidson :

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Pros :
– First things first, every Harley Davidson motorbike is designed to give its rider the most premium riding experience and it delivers this promise in aces.
– Another promise that Harley Davidson delivers on is its 24×7 roadside assistance, which includes vehicle towing, petrol delivery and a battery jumpstart.
– Buying a Harley Davidson motorbike gives you access to its H. O. G. membership which is something that is as valuable as the motorbike itself as it presents you with various motorbike events and other amazing opportunities that will make you feel lucky to be the owner of a Harley Davidson motorbike.
– It also offers riders a level of stability in high speeds unlike any other motorbike.

Cons :
– The price of servicing a Harley Davidson motorbike is relatively higher than most other bikes.
– Maintaining it is a burden on your wallet because it requires frequent services.
– The most evident and heartbreaking of all the cons is the fact that the engine on a Harley overheats when riding in the Indian weather.
– Only authorized Harley Davidson dealers can service the bike.
– It has a low ground clearance, which in India would mean that it would surely kiss most of the bumpers and potholes on the road.

In case of Royal Enfield :

Source : ZigWheels

Pros :
– Any mechanic can fix your Royal Enfield motorbike
– It is made to be as durable as bikes can get with a legendary level of stability even when carrying a lot of weight on the backseat.
– Customization options are cheap as compared to the Harley.
– Great mileage when compared with the Harley.
– It has a classic vintage design that anyone and everyone can fall in love with.
– Engine stops overheating after a couple of services.

Cons :
– Royal Enfield motorbikes usually vibrate a lot.
– The first con and a few other reason makes a Royal Enfield miss out on the preminum riding experience that Harley Davidson bikes offer.
– Roysl Enfield bike owners usually complain over the bike’s poor braking units and missing ABS.
– It also has a few absent safety features that the Harley has.

Source : Autocar professional

Now that we’ve looked at the pros and cons of both of these legendary motorcycle brands, it is up to you to decide which one you should choose. And while the Harley will always be better on smooth, well-maintained roads, the Royal Enfield will always have an edge when it comes to going a little off-road.

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