Advanced motorcycle riding tips seasoned riders swear by!

Alright, so may you have the strength and the license to ride a motorcycle; but those are not the only things you require to become a great motorcycle rider. Any seasoned biker would tell you that it takes much more to become one with your bike and be an expert rider. Here are some tips from seasoned motorcycle riders that may help you gain expertise. Never just assume that the other people naturally see you on the road. Always adhere to the self preservation rule.

  • Look where you would like go – The hand-eye coordination will always work even if you don’t intend it to. Thus, you will go or rather you will drive towards whatever you are keenly looking at, so if there is a bump or a ditch in the road, avoid looking at it too hard. Rather, look at the path where you actually want to
  • Use both the brakes – The front brake gives about 70 % of emergency stopping power. A new rider is afraid of using the front brake for the fear of getting flipped over, but a seasoned rider knows that you squeeze the brake and let go, then again squeeze and let go, till you reach the desired speed.wp74bcf7ac_00
  • Countersteering – If you are a novice and you have to turn your bike, you should first slow down the bike and then turn a corner. While the seasoned rider, countersteers. He uses his body weight and power to turn the bike. While turning the bike say for example left, apply pressure on the left hand side of the handle bar, try to push it down and forward, this will make the bike lean towards that side and you will be able to turn the corner without having to
  • DO not lay down the bike – Your bike, and your situation is always under your control. How ever stuck you feel, never give up trying to get out of the sticky situation, because the more you try and practice, the more expertise you gain.

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