After Ex-Boyfriend Tells She Cannot, Lady Biker Rides 28,000 Kms

You never know what can lead you to take a life changing decision. What you can never be sure of is, the moment at which such a decision will be made and what would be the cause of it. But whatever happens, it is for the good.

Here is a story about a girl named Nikki Misurelli, who ended up making a life altering decision after having had an argument with her then boyfriend. Yes, you read it right, a routine argument between a couple, lead to the girl taking a decision that went on to change her life for good.

It was in the September month of 2016 when her boyfriend decided to go on a bike trip from Alaska to Argentina, with his friends. Nikki, of course, wanting to be able to spend more time with him, requested to join his gang, to which he replied that she could not join them because it was a “Boys only” plan and that it was “too dangerous and intense” for a girl.

Alaska Moto Girl

Nikki recounts – “He said ‘you probably couldn’t handle it’. So we broke up and I went by myself.”

Alaska Moto Girl

And life has never been the same for her. What began as an innocent ride from Alaska to Argentina, did not stop at that. Nikki now travels the world on two wheels. She has no permanent residence. She rides to any place she finds interesting and she rides alone. She reckons, riding alone gives her the freedom to make spontaneous decisions without any obligations.

Alaska Moto Girl

Cut to one year after the incident, this wonderful lady has sold all her belongings and has ridden more than 28000 km across the world, and become an inspiration to women riders across the globe. In her life, riding comes next to no other thing in this world.

Alaska Moto Girl

“I am rarely nervous because bad things can happen anywhere in the world, but there are more good people than bad,” she says. Such a wonderful thought to live by indeed. Well, if you are wondering that this has been possible for her because she is wealthy, then you are in for a surprise. Because this is what she had to say in her recent interview – “A lot of people just assume I’m rich, but it’s not true. I have no house and barely any possessions. I pulled all my retirement money and sold almost all of my belongings. It’s amazing how little we actually need in life.” She is now popularly known as the “Alaska Moto Girl” across various social media platforms.

Alaska Moto Girl

To all the girls out there who strongly believe that riding is their calling, you know what to do. Go ahead, grab that bike handle and ride on!

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