Are you working in TCS, Wipro or Accenture in Pune? Must read this!

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and is considered as the cultural capital. If you work in MNC’s like TCS’s, Wipro or Accenture and have a long weekend ahead or planning a short getaway for the day, here are few of the nearby places that should appear on your travel list.


Picture Credit: Mumbai Travellers
Picture Credit: Mumbai Travellers

The road distance from Pune to Dudhiware is 72 km. Hire a bike in Pune and strap on your helmet. It’s time to indulge in few adventurous activities when you reach the destination. The road is bumpy at times, which might slow down the journey. The amazing waterfall will make up for those moments.

This is one of those road trips you should take without debating much. The rough terrain might make your journey seem impossible, but you should take up the challenging ride. The beauty of the road lies in the uncertainty of the terrain that lies ahead.

Try to reach Dudhiware at dawn, say by 6 AM, from where you can ride to the water rappelling site. It is recommended that you carry an extra pair of dry clothes and safety gear as instructed. Waterfall rappelling or canyoneering –as it is commonly called- has become a major sport all over. Discover hidden trails as you follow the steep waterfalls.

Pawna Lake Camping

Picture Credit: traveltriangle
Picture Credit: traveltriangle

Located about 15 km from Lonavala, Pawna Lake Camping is a beautiful location that is ideal for a quick weekend getaway. There are few roadside eateries on the way, which proves to be a good meeting place for bikers.

As they say “Far From The Maddening Crowd”, this camp will help you relax, and let you enjoy life at your own pace. Bond with your family by engaging in various fun activities, swim in the lake, gather around a campfire and enjoy delicious food.

Amenities like camping tents, cushion mattress and portable lamps are provided for use.
The ideal time to visit Pawna Lake is from February to May and October until December. Lake Tubing is another monsoon activity which you can take up.


Picture Credit: Google
Picture Credit: Google

This city is a popular destination amongst domestic travellers and is situated in Pune district of Maharashtra. It is about 94 km to the north of Pune at an altitude of 2260 feet above sea level. The roads are in good condition, and you can take either the NH 50 or the Nashik road. Wheelstreet provides free helmets, so do not forget them on your trip.

Apart from the Junnar caves and Shivneri Fort, the Lenyadri caves is another interesting attraction. You can reach Junnar by 12 PM, and get a glimpse of rural India. Try your hand at farming or participate in other agricultural activities for fun. Tourists can enjoy playing traditional games like Vitti Dandu and Bhovara and later proceed to trek nearby.

Other inclusions breakfast, Maharashtrian lunch, campfire, farm tour and village sightseeing.

Amboli Ghat

Picture Credit :Flickr
Picture Credit :Flickr

One of the lesser known places, Amboli is a hill station in south Maharashtra. It takes roughly 6 hours to cover a distance of 350 km. There are hairpin bends and the road snakes it way through. You can find a water gushing out from the rocks after every few meters.

Drive with care, careful not to encounter a speeding truck. Amboli is famous for landslides and roadblocks. Plan your trip so as to avoid the monsoon. The ghat gets really foggy during the monsoon season, and driving would be a bit difficult- though not impossible.

Once you reach the destination, you can capture the scenic Amboli Falls, Shirgaonkar Point, Hiranya Keshi Temple and Sunset Point. All these places are located close to the bus stop and can be completed in a day. If you have time, visit Amboli Ghat on the Sawantwadi-Amboli-Belgaum route. It provides travellers stunning views of the thick forests nearby.


Picture Credit: Kokan Search
Picture Credit: Kokan Search

The road distance is 162 km, and you can reach this place in 4 hours. There are 2 routes that you can take. One is to drive via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway or drive via Paud Road. You need to take the River Side road to Paud road in Bhusari Colony and then drive Tambadi.

Murud is a coastal town situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra. For those who are looking forward to spending time on the beach, relaxing and playing beach games, this one’s for you.

The beaches are very clean, and you can enjoy some coastal food too. The main attractions in Murud Janjira are Datta Mandir, Nawab Palace, Garambi Falls and Kasa Fort. If you do not want to stop anywhere and keen on continuing with your expedition, drive up to the Datta Mandir. The journey in itself is captivating.

The Garambi Falls is surrounded by forests and is famous for its rapidly falling water. Drive to the falls, and you will enjoy the passing scenery. The weather stays hot in summer and moderately cool during the winter season. Plan your trip during the months of October to March.

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