200,000+ kms, 41 countries and 5 continents. This is the story of the biker who sold everything to travel around the globe.

Quitting our jobs and travelling around the world is something that all of us want to do, but no one ever seems to do it. Instead, we tell ourselves it’s just an impossible dream and we should get back to reality to deal with problems like the rent, our careers, and other ‘real world’ problems. But there are still a few brave people who actually have the courage to renounce the world and its materialistic vices so that they can follow their true passion. One such person is Alex Chacón.

Alex Chacon India Royal Enfield

Alex is an American who quit medical school and sold all his worldly possessions to travel around the world on a bike. His story is as incredible as it is inspirational. The first of the 5 continents he covered was South America. He undertook a 500 day solo ride from Alaska to Argentina during which he documented his journey to raise funds internationally for charity from sponsors and individuals following him online. He endeavoured to work directly with local charities and the less fortunate children of the world in each of the 22+ Latin American countries he visited, to inspire others to do the same in their own way.

India is one of the 41 countries spread across 5 continents that have played host to this fanatic traveller. Never one to be bothered with difficulty, Alex Chacón’s mission here was to ride a Royal Enfield to the Khardung la top in Ladakh, the highest motorable road in the world, an arduous journey that is considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of all bike trips in India. Here are some of his incredible pictures and his viral video from this challenging road trip:

Alex Chacon Ladakh

Alex Chacon Leh Ladakh Royal Enfield

Alex Chacon Khardung la

Alex discovered that he had cultivated another talent during his travels. Chacón, apart from being an adventure biker, is also on the cutting edge of digital and viral content creation and is leading the way in social influencing for his Millennial generation. He has created international trends that have shaped an entire generation, like the 360 Degree Selfie he created and popularised in his viral YouTube hit “Around the World in 360 Degrees- 3 Year Epic Selfie”:

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Now, apart from being a Global Motorcycle Adventure Rider, Alex Chacón also bears the titles of social media influencer, YouTube talent, video producer, professional photographer, and inspirational speaker. His life changing expeditions riding around the world solo, his charitable contributions/projects, and his creative videos/concepts, pictures and travel stories that have propelled him to internet rock star fame!

img source: The Modern Motorcycle Diaries (Alex Chacón’s personal blog)

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