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Bajaj V launched: the most patriotic bike ever made

Bajaj created a furore when they released a trailer for their latest bike, ‘V’, on Republic Day. In the short video, they informed us that the bike contains metal from the legendary Indian Naval warship – the INS Vikrant.  The bike’s unique name is a testimony to the legacy of the warship; the ‘V’ stands for Valor/Vikrant. Today Bajaj have officially unveiled the ‘V’.

Bajaj V
img source: carblogindia

The Bajaj V will hit the Indian markets around March and is expected to have a price tag of around Rs 60,000 – Rs 70,000. It is powered by a 150 cc engine that has proven to be a huge success in Bajaj’s previous Pulsar, Avenger and Discover models.

The Bajaj V is a unique blend of a tourer motorcycle that has been greatly influenced by a commuter’s take on bikes. Apart from being in a class of its own, the bike won’t really face any competition from other models as it is a “tribute to INS Vikrant”. And how can one resist the urge to ride history itself?

img source: indiatoday

“The pride of owning a piece of INS Vikrant is available to lakhs of Indians in the form of Bajaj V,” Eric Vas, the company’s motorcycle business head, said. Talking about the making of the bike, managing director Rajiv Bajaj said, “We bought the metal from verified authorities. As the fuel tank is the heart of any bike, the fuel tank assembly of the Bajaj V is specifically made of INS Vikrant metal.”

However, he refused to divulge the exact details about how many parts of the bike make use of the hallowed metal. He simply stated that “Product specifications are confidential for competitive reasons,” Bajaj chuckled.

Bajaj V
img source: ndtv

The initial plan for Bajaj is to manufacture 20,000 units per month that will be sold only in India. There are currently no plans to export the bike to global markets.

The Bajaj V is expected to be a hit in the Indian market as it strikes a patriotic chord with consumers who want to own a piece of Indian war history that they can actually use instead of showcasing in their homes. And the fact that it isn’t just another Pulsar or Discover update but rather a whole new bike based around the use of the warship’s metal, makes it that much more special.

You can watch the full video of the Bajaj V’s unveiling here:

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