7 Best bikes for women bikers

The concept of women riding bikes is finally catching up in India with the number of women bikers steadily increasing over the past couple of years. Women bikers can not only be seen on bikes instead of the stereotypical scootys, but they are also garnering reputation as competitive racers, stunters and adventurists. Even though the number of women bikers are undoubtedly increasing, the bike makers are still targeting their bikes only towards the male audience while the women are still the target of those 100cc scooters. This isn’t fair at all and we hope that the bike makers start catering their products for the fairer sex. Until then, we have come up with a list of the best bikes for women riders, not by differentiating on level of skill but rather on the bikes’ dimensions and weight.

1. KTM Duke

Best bikes for women bikers
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The Duke has to be on this list. It’s light-weight, has a moderate seat height (810 mm) and offers exceptional handling. Add to that a brilliant engine that punches way above its weight (whether it’s the 200 or the 390) and the KTM Duke is a brilliant bike for women to ride.

2. Harley-Davidson SuperLow

Best bikes for women bikers
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Harley-Davidson is a brand that has been synonymous with masculinity but there’s no shortage of women Harley riders and for good reason. The H-D SuperLow is particularly a really good choice for women due to its incredibly low seat height of 695 mm (the name kind of gives it away).

3. Honda NAVI

Best bikes for women bikers
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The new Honda NAVI is actually a monkey bike (read small) with a 110 cc engine coupled to an automatic transmission which is the same setup as in the Honda Activa.  With a seat height of 765 mm,the NAVI is perfect for women or even men for that matter who wan’t the ease of riding a scooter in a light weight easy-to-handle bike.

4. Kawasaki Ninja 300

Best bikes for women bikers
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The ‘Littlest Ninja’ is widely regarded as the best starter sportbike. The Ninja 300 still produces a healthy 38.5 bhp and the power delivery is linear unlike the Duke’s twist-to-take-off throttle. Even though it’s a fully-faired sportbike, the Ninja 300 has a seat height of 785 mm and is comfortable to ride and surprisingly easy to handle.

5. Bajaj Avenger Street

Best bikes for women bikers
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The new Avenger Street looks fantastic considering the design was ripped-off from the H-D Street 750. Regardless it’s still a really good bike and is firmly planted with a seat height of just 725 mm. The Avenger Street comes in both 150 cc and 200 cc engine variants but since the chassis is entirely the same, either one of them is going to be equally easy to ride and control.

6. Ducati Monster

Best bikes for women bikers
img source: jafrum

This might be surprising entry but there’s no reason women can’t ride one of these if they have enough experience. Unlike most bikes in the 500 cc+ category, the Monster is surprisingly light with a weight of just 187 kg. It also has a very comfortable seat height of 770 mm. And seeing as Ducati’s Monster is a naked bike, it will be easier to handle compared to the wider fully-faired sportbikes.

7. Royal Enfield Thunderbird

Best bikes for women bikers
img source: dnaindia

I couldn’t not add a RE after putting a Harley on the list; that would be sacrilegious. While the Thunderbird may have a seat height of 775 mm (which is still very good), it’s a good 63 kgs lighter than the SuperLow. Since it has a tamer engine than the Harley, it will be much easier to ride. And you’ll get a hell lot of respect for being a woman riding around on a Royal Enfield.

So if you are a woman, break the stereotype and feel free to ride any bike you want to. Rent and ride from Wheelstreet to experience the thrill of riding a bike regardless of your gender.

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