Best Electric Motorbikes You Can Get Right Now

The world is drastically changing from – and boy are we excited! From AI to electric cars and bikes taking over the world, it doesn’t get better than this – or does it? So we are here to bring you the best of the best electric bikes that you can buy today! Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Zero SR

Not the fastest on this list but definitely having a lot of power. The Zero SR boasts a mighty pickup of 0-60 mph in 3.3s and a top speed of 164kmph. The battery charges up in just three hours and if that isn’t enough, it has a range of 317 km with an optional power tank! It has a torque of 157Nm and power of 70bhp.

APWorks Light Rider

A cool futuristic skeletal look does justice to the coming age of electric vehicles. Made from a material called Scalmalloy, a new material that is corrosion resistant and is as strong as titanium, if not stronger. Weighing in at 35kg, the battery will only last you 59 km with a top speed of 78 km/h. So this awesome looking bike becomes quite impractical unless you just need it short distances.

Lightning LS-218

The fastest of the electric motorbikes that are in production at the moment, the LS-218 comes bundled with 150kW which converts to 200bhp and 168lb/ft. of sweet, sweet torque. That crosses and goes beyond the almighty BMW S1000RR. A top speed of 350kmph and a weight of only 224kg, this electric beast can go 0 – 96km in just 2 seconds, boy are we sold!

Alta Motors Redshift MX8 years in the making, the Redshift MX comes loaded with 40bhp and a torque of 36lb/ft. With a displacement equal to around 250cc, it weighs in at around 113kg. Built for motocross, the bike has a run time of only 3 hours of constant use.

Brutus V9

For the riders that love to cruise and save the planet as they do it, the Brutus V9 does both efficiently. With a too-cool-for-school retro look, the V9 has a practical 93kW motor which roughly translates to 125bhp and a torque of 375Nm. With V9 giving 185kmph and a range of approximately 450km, the only let down would be the staggering price.


Mainly focused on the Europe bike market where 2 strokes are a thing, the Motorman looks oh so good in its plain, simple and vintage style that it does so well. With a speed of the only 45kmph, it goes as far as 70km and takes around six hours to complete charging. We admit these specs are quite humble, to say the least, but you have to think it isn’t meant to be any better for the market it is aimed at. Its weight falls around to a little over 44kg.

Yamaha PES2 Street Sport
A concept in the making, we do hope Yamaha brings it into production this year as it looks like one hell of a bike. The PES2 Street Sport has two engines embedded into it, one in the front wheel and one in the body that will definitely make this a powerful beast. A could-be game changer, the specs are yet to be revealed. All we know for sure that it weighs in at around 131kg.

That’s it, for now, folks, the future of bikes does look bright after all. Which one of these do you like? And which ones do you think we left out? Let us know!

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