Two biker women from Assam are riding to Leh to promote ‘Women Empowerment’ in the North-East

The North-Eastern states of India are undoubtedly home to some of the most beautiful places in India. But they have suffered from quite a lot of neglect and discrimination which leaves them to play catch up with the rest of the country in terms of the latest socio-political trends. However, we recently saw some uplifting news coming out of Assam.

Solo biker women assam to leh bike ride for 'women empowerment'
Nirmali Nath (left) and Dharitri Terangpi (right) with their RE Classic 350 bikes | source

Nirmali Nath and Dharitri Terangpi are two women hailing from the Assamese city of Guwahati who have embarked on an epic bike trip to promote ‘women empowerment’ in the more remote regions of the country. These two biker women set off from Guwahati in 27th June 2016 with the intent of reaching the world’s highest and most treacherous roads in the remote land of Leh – Ladakh.

Riding their trusty Royal Enfield bikes, Nirmali and Dharitri are the first women from Guwahati to attempt a bike trip to Leh. They expect to cover 7000 kms across 7  states within 20 days. Besides making the customary trip to Khardung-La, the world’s highest motorable road, the two biker women also plan to visit Rishikesh in Uttarakhand on this journey.

Dharitri Terangpi - solo biker women assam to leh bike ride 'women empowerment'

Nirdhar is the name these two women have given to their new group. An acronym of their first names, it translates to ‘determination’ which both these women have in ample supply. By undertaking a road trip of such strenuousness, these biker women are encouraging women to break stereotypes and follow their passions regardless of what the “society” thinks.

In an interview with North East Today, Nirmali Nath speaks about the difficulties faced by women when it comes to breaking stereotypes and going against the current. She says, “Women are confused, not knowing where to start; today in our society people might view us as irrational and irresponsible if we ride a bike. We’re haunted by old stereotypes that women who ride bikes are wild and irresponsible. Remember that everyone starts at the beginning – men and women alike.”


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She also explained the main purpose behind this trip: “We are highlighting women empowerment of north east through our ride. Till now, no bullet lady rider from Guwahati rode Guwahati –Leh- Guwahati via road and we want to prove that, if you’ve a lot of determination and self-confidence, nothing is impossible.”

source: Voice of Greater Assam

We hope they have a safe journey and that they achieve it’s purpose by motivating more women from the North-East to pursue their dreams.

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