Cool Places To Travel To Near Delhi For Snow Fall

There is just something magical about snow and snowfall, that no matter how cold it may be to the touch, it makes us feel all fuzzy and warm inside just by looking at it. So get out of your warm bed and go make them snow-angels in the snow because we’re bringing this super-awesome list of Cool Places to Visit near Delhi for Snowfall! Let’s get to it!

  1. Manali

Distance from Delhi (approx.): 538 km
A magical place, Manali is among the favorites when it comes to snow filled destinations. The preferred way to get to this amazing place is via bikes as the road leading up to Manali is just superb. The winter season makes this place light-up-white in the most splendid way possible! With a lot of activities to keep your hands full, Manali is a must if you need that snow in your life.

  1. Shimla

Distance from Delhi (approx.): 343 km
Shimla has always been known for its sleepy and majestic setting that comes with winters when the whole place gets covered with snow. With things to do like ice-skating and skiing, you would not want to be left inside the room when in Shimla. With awesome sceneries and beautiful cafes and restaurants, Shimla makes for a great destination to travel to and be at this winter!

  1. Narkanda

Distance from Delhi (approx.): 403 km
Just a ride away from Delhi, and is situated only 61 km from Shimla, Narkanda is known for its snow and is popular for its snow-covered mountains that prove perfect for ski-enthusiasts. Providing ice-skating rings also on top of frozen ponds and lakes, this place has a lot of great resorts to offer for vacationers.

  1. Khajjiar

Distance from Delhi (approx.): 560 km
Beautiful in the summers, Khajjiar grows even fonder during the winters. Having some of the best resorts that hill stations could provide, this place will make you fall in love with its undeniable charm. Close by Khajjiar you can find Dalhousie, which is also a great place to chill out in the snow. Make sure this destination makes your list this winter!

  1. Mussoorie

Distance from Delhi (approx.): 298 km
A gorgeous hill station by summer and a magical snow-clad mountain by winter, Mussoorie transforms well during this time. Providing purposeful ambiance with majestic views all around that are tough to beat in the hill-station game, if Mussoorie isn’t on your list of awesome snow-covered places to visit during winter, then it definitely should this time!

So there you have it folks, are these places awesome or what! Make sure you check them out if you need a little snowfall in your life! Let us know how many of them you have been to and if you need a ride to explore these cool places, head on to our website, Wheelstreet for quality bikes for all your various needs. And as always, keep riding on!

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