Destinations To Travel In India: According To The Month

Each great location in India has a particular time of visit, and that time of year is what makes those places attractive and a complete delight to visit. It’s all in the timing that brings out the magic in these famous locations across India. So we’re here to tell you the best places to check out in India with respect to the month of the year. Let’s get to it!


Chilika Lake (Chilika, Odisha)

Known as the Largest Salt-Water Lagoon in Asia, this place just blows up with life in the month of January. The lake is full of birds that have just migrated like the flamingo which is just a lovely sight to see! You can also spot Irrawaddy Dolphins here during this time.

Other places to check out in January: Auli (Uttarakhand), Diu (Diu)


Nashik (Maharashtra)

Get with the Sula Fest in February in the city of Nashik. Great wine and even better music with the mixture of fashion and food makes this place a must visit in the month of February.

Other places to check out in February: Gulmarg (J&K), Periyar Tiger Reserve (Kerala)


Velas Beach (Ratnagiri, Maharashtra)

Watching baby Ridley turtles hatch and make their way towards the ocean? What’s not to love about that! This beach in Ratnagiri hold a Velas Turtle Festival every March where people gather to witness the cute baby turtles hatch and let me tell you, it is one amazing sight!

Other places to check out in March: Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh), Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)


Mon (Nagaland)

Bathe in colorful tradition and rich culture of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland as they celebrate their Aoleang Festival in the village of Mon every first week of April. The festival is held in the name of the start of the New Year according to the Konyak tribe.

Other places to check out in April: Srinagar (J&K), Shillong (Meghalaya)


Kasol (Himachal Pradesh)

Filled to the brim with luscious sceneries, in the month of May, Kasol is where you want to be at. Full of tempting paths to trek around and cool locations to visit, the month of May really brings out the color in Kasol.

Other places to check out in May: Gangtok (Sikkim), Ooty (Tamil Nadu)



This is a pretty obvious one but how could we not mention the only place that comes to mind when friends talk about taking road trips together. The month of June is the best time to visit the place as the roads get cleared and the weather mostly stays pleasant.

Other places to check out in June: Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)


Orchha State (Madhya Pradesh)

Filled with enticing culture and history, traveling to Orchha in the month of July will surely make you fall in love with it. With sultry winds and beautiful palaces, this city in the center of India is one you should check out.

Other places to check out in July: Valley of Flowers (Uttarakhand), Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra)


Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh)

Beautiful valleys, breath-taking landscapes, and truly a trip you will not forget, August is considered the best time to travel to Spiti valley as the roads leading to it are clear from the summer just gone making it easily accessible and fun to visit.

Other places to check out in August: Karjat (Maharashtra), Munnar (Tamil Nadu)


Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Having some really good looking beaches, everyone should visit this place and spend time here just enjoying the beach life and awesome weather that this place has to offer in the month of September.

Other places to check out in September: Wayanad (Kerala), Kinnaur (Himachal Pradesh)


Coorg (Karnataka)

Coorg is everything you would want from a holiday trip, and then some. The month of October proves lovely to visit Coorg, as the weather, the landscape and Coorg in general fall in sync to make your trip worth it.

Other places to check out in October: Kaas Valley (Maharashtra), Pushkar (Rajasthan)


Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya)

With cool looking vine bridges, to amazing waterfalls, Cherrapunjee and the North-East, in general, is a great place to spend your pre-winter holidays. Cherrapunjee also has some of the best sceneries in the state which you should totally spend time checking out.

Other places to check out in November: Agumbe (Karnataka), Lakshadweep


Varkala (Kerala)

December being chilly every other place in India, hence, the beaches are the perfect place to escape the cold. And Varkala helps you do exactly that! With, not so mainstream appeal, this is the perfect getaway that you never knew you wanted. The beaches here are totally out of this world.

Other places to check out in December: Goa

So that’s it, folks! If you do plan on traveling there and need a two-wheeler for doing so, check out our website, Wheelstreet or the mobile app of the same name. Hope this helps you! Keep on riding!

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