Delhi to Ladakh on a bike: Planning the perfect road trip – Part 4

A trip to Ladakh, while amazing and unforgettable, poses a number of challenges, but ones that you can overcome by being prepared. So to make sure that you enjoy your trip to Leh Ladakh without any unplanned problems ruining your time there, check out these few Do’s and Don’t s while visiting this magnificent snow-desert.


  • Always carry a lot of drinking water and high-energy food like dry fruits and protein bars.
  • Take Disprin with you if you want to go to Khardung La, as it is at a very high altitude of 5359m.
  • If you are very tired from travelling during the day, stay there. Never travel at night as the road conditions are very bad in some places and it can be quite dangerous especially for bikers.
  • Be sure to use vehicles which are in perfect running condition. In case of cars, SUVs like a Toyota Fortuner or a Mahindra XUV500 and in bikes, a Royal Enfield or even a Honda CBR work the best over there.
  • Make a first-aid box and carry proper medicines for AMS, headache, fever, and vomiting in it.
  • Electricity is a problem in Leh, so it’s better to take extra batteries for digital products like camera, mobiles phones, etc. Charge them fully before leaving for the tour. You may not get electricity at some remote places and also because of the cold, the battery gets discharged soon.
  • If you are planning to visit Leh-Ladakh on your bike, make a group of 3 or more. Do not go alone on a bike as you might be stranded without help in case any problems arise.
  • People there are very friendly and hospitable. Respect them.
  • Don’t take photographs of monuments and monasteries without taking permission.

Don’t s:

  • For God’s sake don’t litter. It’s a horrible thing to throw things around and dirty what is one of the cleanest and most beautiful places in India and even the world.
  • If you reach Leh by air, stay that day and do not plan to go anywhere for that day, as you will need a day or two to acclimatize yourself. Drink plenty of fluids (that does not include alcohol), do not move much for the first two to three days.
  • Don’t use Polythene bags. Ladakh is a “no polythene” zone. Kindly respect this and please carry back all the plastic you take with you.
  • Refill your water bottles instead of buying new ones. Mountain water is good. If you have doubt, boil it and refill.
  • Wear clothes that cover your entire body while on roads and especially while visiting a Buddhist Gompas.

Note about acclimatization:

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can occur to anyone at an altitude over 10,000 ft. The most common symptoms of AMS are headaches disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, nausea, coughing, irregular breathing, breathlessness, lack of energy and concentration. Since Leh  is situated at an altitude of 11,500 ft. above sea level, it is advisable to take the following precautions, so as to acclimatize your body properly.

  1. Take complete rest for the first 36 hours of your arrival at Leh. However, this period may vary slightly with different people.
  2. Your body should get used to the lower oxygen levels.
  3. In case you develop any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please consult a Doctor.

Rescue and precaution for mountaineering and trekking in Ladakh:

Tourists undertaking mountaineering and trekking in Ladakh, whether in groups or individual, should take a lot precautions with respect to where they go, the weather conditions and the supply of food and clothes carried. There is no private aerial rescue agency in Ladakh and only as a life saving measure, the Indian Air Force is engaged to help in evacuation.

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