Ducati XDiavel, a bonkers 156 hp sports-cruiser, is launched in India

Continuing its steady insurgency in the Indian bike market, Ducati has released it’s acclaimed sports cruiser, the XDiavel in Delhi/NCR today. The Italian manufacturer has also launched the XDiavel-S which has the same engine and design as it’s sibling but accommodates a few interesting features into the bike. Ducati has already launched the 959 PanigaleMultistrada 1200S, and the Multistrada Enduro in 2016 before this.


First displayed at the 2015 EICMA motorcycle show, the Ducati XDiavel gained instant recognition amongst bikers and was also adjudged the most beautiful bike of the show. Diavel is the word for ‘Devil’ in Bolognese which is a dialect spoken in the Italian town of Bologna (The birthplace of Ducati and Lamborghini). In almost all mythologies, the Devil was an entity that gave humans something that was forbidden by god, and in that sense, it looks like Ducati has chosen the aptest name possible. The Diavel manages to blend the best aspects of a cruiser and sports bike in a way that only Ducati can. Comfort without compromise on handling, power accompanied by a host of safety features and looks to die for, the Ducati Diavel is not only a jack of all trades, it’s a master of them all as well.

The new Ducati XDiavel models are powered by a 1262 cc Testastretta L-Twin engine that produces power figures of 156 hp and 129 Nm delivered to the rear wheel by a belt drive instead of a chain (a first for the company). And while these figures are certainly impressive, the Ducati XDiavel produces lesser power than it’s predecessor which developed 162 hp and 130.5 Nm of power and torque respectively.


This surprising change was done as Ducati wants to focus on low-speed ride-ability of their modern day cruiser. But the engine specifications aside, what makes the Diavel really unique is its unique design and the mind-boggling number of electronic aids it offers.

With an unbelievable 60 different ergonomic configurations available to the rider, the Ducati XDiavel provides vast scope for personalisation thanks to 4 different footrest positions, 5 different seat positions, and three different handlebars positions. It’s also possible to fit a comfier passenger seat, even with a small backrest. All this, then, because comfortable riding means full “low-speed excitement”.


The Ducati XDiavel looks like a naked sports bike that has been forced to be a cruiser, but somehow, it manages to look insanely good nonetheless. The straight-cut exhausts, Marchesini wheels and a single seat with a curved end lend the aggressive look to the Diavel. Where it really stands out though is the amount of adjustable options available to its riders. The Diavel comes with 8 traction settings, 3 riding modes (urban, sport and touring) which vary the power delivered to the rear wheel and adjustable suspension and footrest positions. The XDiavel-S also features an infotainment centre and a Bluetooth module which is only found on hardcore touring and adventure bikes.

The Ducati XDiavel, which is open for bookings across dealerships in India, will be pitted against heavyweights like the Indian Scout and the Harley-Davidson Street Bob in the market.

How do you think the Ducati XDiavel will perform in the premium bike market in India?

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