Experience The Magic Of Ramzan In Hyderabad

Greetings foodies! The holy month of Ramadan is finally here! And amidst the sacred prayers and divinity, comes the joy of bringing on some of the best delicacies unique to the festival. And Hyderabad is one of the dream destinations to break your fast and relish some of the best iftar food. Come Ramzan, Hyderabad is decorated like never before. The nights as cool as they are, are glorified even more with stalls filled with some scrumptious food for the hungry hearts. Here are some suggestions from our end about the best food stalls and dishes that demand to be tasted at least once, this Ramadan,

Haleem from Pista House:


The quintessential dish to break the fast, Haleem is a dish that is prepared overnight, especially during the month of Ramzan. Easily the favorite dish on any food stall in Hyderabad, Haleem is a dish made of wheat(soaked overnight) along with lentils, barley and the meat of individual choice, ranging from beef, mutton or chicken. Rush to Pista house in Shabaagh for the best haleem in the city.

Melt in your mouth Bheja fry puff from Nayaab Hotel:

Bheja Fry

This is one of the oldest food institutions of Hyderabad, located in Chatta Bazaar. It is a very quaint place as the owners like to keep it simple. They specialize in beverages, Mughlai and seafood. But their all-time favorites are – Bheja Fry puffs, Kheema Masala and Irani chai. You just can’t stop at one bite while at Nayaab’s. Situated inside Chatta Bazaar, the best means to reach this place is on your own bike. But if you don’t own one, you can rent one with Wheelstreet in Hyderabad.

Pathar ka gosht from Bade Miyaan:

Pather gosht

This is an authentic Hyderabadi-style dish, wherein, a slab or rock(generally granite) is heated on red hot charcoal for 4-5 hours, before the meat is cooked on this hot rock. The earthy taste this process renders to the dish is a big win. People line up in front of stalls for this one dish. We suggest you taste this from Bade Miyaan in Hyderabad and you will get to relish a taste that is next to none.

Cafe Bahar ki biryani:

Cafe Bahar

If you are in the mood for some solid Hyderabad style biryani, then you know where to head to. Ramzan or not, biryani has a cult fan following in India all through the year and this city is the Mecca for biryani lovers. You can relish the best of biryanis in possibly every stall/hotel. Choose from a variety of chicken, egg and mutton biryanis to satisfy your taste buds and of course some Roohafzah to wash it down with.

Camel meat:

camel meat

Treat yourself to some succulent camel meat from one of the stalls near Charminar. Camel meat happens to be one of the most anticipaed ingredient that people look forward to during the holy month of Ramzan. In fact, camel meat kebabs that fill the stalls for iftar, disappear within no time, thanks to its popularity among food-enthsiasts. Charminar stalls are in fact, one of the oldest spots for iftar. A lot of Muslims of the city reside here, making it the obvious choice to break the fast in the most celebratory way possible.

Firni in Toli Chowki Yousuf Tekri food court:


If you are on the lookout for a place with exemplary food options albeit the crowd of the Charminar streets, then this is the place for you to have your iftar meal. Along with the popular biryanis, kebabs and haleem, this place is a treat for all those with a sweet tooth. Make sure to taste the ever so tasty, firni, falooda and the good old kheer. Don’t restrict yourself to just the authentic Ramzan desserts, instead, explore the likes of pineapple ka meetha, shahi tukra, bread pudding and many more options.

And that’s it folks! Now if we missed out on any other awesometacular spots to have the best iftar meal, feel free to hit us up in the comments section. Also, make your experience of Ramadan significantly better, by renting a bike from WheelStreet Bike Rentals and ride to all these positively mind-boggling places and have your perfect iftar meal.

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