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Fulfill Your Dreams to Fly with Adventure Activities

Since times immemorial, man has always wanted to fly. In spite of airplanes, mankind desired to fly like a bird in the open sky. At present, more and more people are showing their inclination towards adventure activities. With the increase in adventure enthusiasts, the number of adventure activities is also increasing. Life becomes boring without a bit of thrill and you can add life to it which just sounds perfect! Check out the activities listed below to experience the heights and see how it feels like.

Microlight Flights in Bangalore

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Bangalore by sitting inside the aircraft as a co-pilot. Give flight to your fantasy of soaring with an exhilarating round of microlight flying in Bangalore. You can fulfill your wish of flying high in the sky and this experience is nothing short of exciting as you rise above at 4000ft. Witness the Garden City underneath and sweeping views of landscapes.

Location: Close to Jakkur Flying Club on Bangalore Pune Highway!

Cost: INR 3,300 for 10 minutes and INR 8,500 for 30 minutes

Hot Air Ballooning in Jaipur

Ever dreamt of exploring the skies on a hot air balloon? There is nothing quite like it. You can opt for this thrilling experience and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pink city. Witness the absolute peace of immense vistas, muted colors, and fresh air.

Location: Jaipur

Cost: INR 8,000-13,000

Skydiving in Mysore

Skydiving is becoming popular among the adventure enthusiasts in the country. You can experience the thrill of static jumps, accelerated falls and tandem jump over the city. The moment when you are 10.000 feet above and being pulled down by the gravity is just not definable.

Location: Mysore Airport

Cost: Starts from INR 35,000

Bunjee Jumping in Rishikesh


If bungee jumping is something that you wanted to do for years then you should head to Rishikesh. The city boasts of having country’s highest bungee, operated by experts with significant experience. You can jump off from a height of 275 feet and feel the thrill. Even though the jump lasts only for a few seconds, you will find your heart pounding like never before.

Location: Mohan Chatti Village

Cost: Starts from INR 3,500 per person

Paragliding in Bir Billing

If you are up for some adrenaline rush, then you should definitely opt for paragliding. You can jump off from a height of 8000 feet. Fly like a bird and witness the beautiful landscape of Bir Billing underneath you.

Location: Bir Billing

Cost: Starts from INR 1500 onwards

Flying Fox Experience in Neemrana

You can enjoy the world’s first heritage zip line tour here. If you are an adventure lover then you should definitely try this out. Five zip lines are available covering a distance of 100 m to 400 m and you can make your choice according to your preference.

Location: Neemrana Fort Palace

Cost: Starts from INR 1,500

If you swear by adventure, you should definitely try out these adventure activities. You will surely have a lot of unique experiences and have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Rent a bike from Wheelstreet at pocket-friendly prices in order to cruise to your destination in ease! Cheers!

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